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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

With a long weekend, it almost feels like a Saturday over here instead of a Sunday.  

The month of July is the month in between school being out and school starting up again
 and it just feels like summer.  

This year, July is almost completely cram packed on the calendar with work, travel, and a bit of fun- so it will be a busy one as well. 
And I am excited about announcing some upcoming collaborations 
and fun stuff that hopefully you will enjoy.

But today, it is all about the randomness. 


Last week, I was in Los Angeles for a bit of photography work and when it was wrapped, my husband and I helped pack up my middle guy and his girlfriend for a move back home.
It was just a quick trip but we went to dinner and stayed near Disneyland for a bit of magic in the evening- and enjoyed celebrating my sons 21st birthday with him.

Sewing & Creating

Did I ever tell you that I sew like nobody's business? Ruffling, pleating, buttonholing... yeah. 
It is honestly more like me sitting at the machine and staring at it. Wondering why it is bunching up and making 'birds nests'  AGAIN. and feeling like I want to toss it out the window. I am FAR from what I would call a seamstress- though I do know how to sew and can make that nemesis of a machine work if I play with the controls long enough. 
This weekend, I have been designing, tracing, cutting, sewing and yes, ruffling a big box of fabric that is becoming something else.  And I am having so much fun dreaming up how these will look. I will share more details when I am able to but fingers crossed it will be soon.

Flower Market Dahlias

Dahlias are some of my favorite blooms in summer.
 Those pretty abundant petals that cover dinner plate sized flowers? Love. 
Cafe au Lait are some of the most delightful color wise in my book- and those dahlias have been looking pretty over here and also playing a part in a project for print. 
It has been awhile since I jumped into a completely random project like this one and I have to say, that I absolutely enjoyed creating and styling it.  
I will share the full look when the magazine is out.

The new Hammock

The new hammock arrived the other day- in all it's pretty crocheted edge beauty.
We are working on the yard and gearing up for the grad party which is just about 2 weeks away
so you will be seeing the new hammock and styling soon.

And if you are shopping for a new hammock- the sales this weekend are awesome.

And for those who have emailed and asked- the floral bedding

and chandelier I shared recently
are back in stock at Wayfair- and they are having a great sale this weekend.

*affiliate links


And looking for delicious food for the weekend festivities?

Or something simple and yummy in the tummy with a colorful fruit topped tart?

Coming your way next week, 
sharing a look at the behind the scenes at The Bella Cottage,
 a quick and easy project that totally changed the look of the fireplace in the bedroom - 
and also I am working on photos for a fresh summer style in the bedroom-
 including sharing another element in the new look.

Have a safe and happy 4th everyone.

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  1. Sewing: Ugh. I can do it, under duress. One of those things you have to do a lot to get good at, and when you aren't good at it, you avoid it, which means you don't achieve the expertise. All the same, I'm glad I know how to make repairs and I can do simple things like curtains and slipcovers. Learning to sew used to be part of growing up, but only the crafty types do it now.

  2. Read about the hammocks that was very interesting. Would love to have one just don't have the space for one. I used to have a sewing machine used it a few times , now that I don't have it ,I'm finding I'm wanting another one , oh brother. Lol... Still have not decided yet. Have a great 4th of July.

  3. Ehjoying the beauty of your home and photos today. We had family and friends last night so today is a quiet one. Hope your celebration is a fun one. Linda @