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A tour of the Sunset Idea House

Crisp and clean and modern 
with a definite vintage, eclectic vibe.


The Sunset Idea House in Berkeley?

I was thrilled to meet up with my friends from Lamps Plus 
last week for a tour of the Sunset Idea House in Berkeley, CA
 and was excited to see some of Lamps Plus gorgeous lighting in action. 
Lamps Plus is the lighting sponsor for the house
and the designers chose some pretty amazing pieces to include.

The House

For starters, this house is built on the side of the hill and is 5 levels.of.Amazing.
It is super modern in style-
 so not French Cottage- but I did enjoy the design 
and the clean feeling each room had. 

 You come into the house at the garage level at the top-
and here is the entry.

Right at the top of the entry area- a set of stairs and an elevator
 the first outdoor patio area
and the first of that beautiful view.

Since the house is 5 levels- they have an elevator to help with the up and down
and of course, 
 a whole lot of stairs.

On the next level, you will find the living room, dining room
and kitchen.

This light fixture above the dining table is a custom design by the designer
using 6 of these Cove Point pendants from Lamps Plus. 

In the kitchen- it was all about the view

and that wallpaper.

I love the pattern and the designer placed a sheet of clear 
acrylic or glass over it to keep it from being damaged. 


Living Room

Would you believe I only took a couple of photos of the living room?
Because the floor to ceiling windows were talking to me too much
and I just kept staring.

The dining patio right outside the living room was gorgeous.

Source: table Lamp

Laundry Room

Play room/Bedroom

Source: Wall sconce

The Office

The Game Room

One of the things you probably have noticed is that almost every room 
has a view and a deck for sitting and enjoying it.

The Wine Cellar

The Bathrooms

This bathroom was bright, light and airy and filled with a ton natural light.

And I loved the out of this world feeling of this one.

And this bold and beautiful look- well you either love it or hate it
but this bathroom was covered in that tile and color.

The Bedrooms

The house has 4 bedrooms 

and each one is a room with a view.

The Master Closet

source: Pendant
One of my favorite bedrooms was this guest bedroom
Simple and charming.

Kids Bedroom

Bold and beautiful with a touch of whimsy
the kids bedroom had a pop of apple green.

And even the ceiling was painted- love.

Roof Top Patio

Another favorite space- and another patio with a gorgeous view.

I am pretty sure if I lived here
I would be outside soaking that view in. 
And if you have ever been to the Berkeley hills at night-
the view is even more amazing when the city is lit up.

I know this is super long already and there are rooms that I didn't include
because- well, as I said, super long already and
For more information about the Sunset Idea House
you can see it all on their website
And if you are in the San Francisco bay area - you can purchase tickets to 
tour this house as well.
photo courtesy of

I also linked to some of the Lamps Plus products that were included in this gorgeous house 
under each photo in this blog post.

I work with Lamps Plus on their Style Illuminated blog but 
was not compensated to share the Sunset Idea House and product with you.
The love of this house and those drool worthy views 
is all my own, folks.

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  1. They say to play up your best feature, and the best feature here is definitely the view.
    It looks from the drawing as if two or three of the lower floors are dug into the hill. What did they do with the windowless rooms there? I'm so curious about how they handled that.