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Random weekend

Can you believe that it is the last Sunday in August this year already?

I say it every month, but where in the world did the month go?

It has been a busy summer month over here and last week was a busy week of travel and work in Northern California.
It involved the beach, the flower market, the wine country & the Sunset Idea House.

1. French Charm in Capitola

A night in a Parisian hotel or maybe a favorite Inn in Capitola. 
The Inn at Depot Hill is a favorite bed and breakfast by the sea
and this time, a night in the Paris room was just what I needed to relax
 before a busy week of work.

You might remember the blue and white Delft Room at the Inn-
which is a favorite of mine as well.

#2. Flower Market Blooms

After leaving from the beach, we traveled up the coastal highway to San Francisco,
and made a quick stop at the SF Flower Mart to load up on flowers for a couple of upcoming photo shoots.

I took a quick video on my phone when I arrived before I went a little crazy. ;)

#3. Wine Country Living

After loading up at the Flower Mart
and a quick stop for a few photos near Sausalito,
 it was on to the wine country.

We stayed in always gorgeous Calistoga
which is at the top of the wine country and the road traveling up there
 is filled with beauty the entire way.

I worked on several photography projects while in Calistoga
and then it was back down to the bay to Berkeley
for a tour of the Sunset Idea House with Lamps Plus.

You will be seeing more of this amazing house that is perched on the side of a hill
along with more about this...

In other random weekend news:

I brought home more greens and fresh clippings from fields
than flowers at the market.
And I have to admit I wondered if I was feeling okay. 

The cottage is getting a yard makeover- with a very simple patio area
in a part of the yard never shared in blogland before.
And in other (semi) exciting news, we found the original old water line for the 
cottage kitchen and bathroom while leveling the patio area.
Kind of a fun discovery.

Coming your way, 
 more about the Sunset Idea House
along with a simple summer table setting
a fun autumn tour with HomeGoods
and much more.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. I keep intending to paint my black bike something more fun. A pale green like the one here. Or pink. Or bright orange. This one is so cute!

    1. I am loving so many of the colors of the beach cruisers I have been seeing. I want them all... so am wondering how many bikes too many? ;)

  2. What a beautiful place to spend the weekend, but really, those flowers on that bicycle. That is one fantastic image that I am pinning this minute!

  3. Courtney
    Thank you for taking us on a beautiful weekend with you. LOVE your bike and the pretty pink flowers!

  4. Can't wait to see the Sunset Idea House...and glad you had a stay in your favorite B&B...hope to make it there soon....Have a great and hopefully more restful week!

    1. Thank you Shirley- and yes, I hope you get out this way to stay at the Inn soon! Sending good thoughts your way for your upcoming surgery- make sure to take it easy and get better quick! xo

  5. OH MY...a blast from the past! I designed the Inn at Depot Hill in Capitola, a very long time ago. You showed a picture of the Paris Room! I designed the main building as railroad stops around the world as it was the old Depot...What fun to see that picture on your blog! One fun note, the Delft Room, all blue and white had Martha Stewart as one of our first guests! It made the cover of Country Inns Magazine when it first opened and she came and stayed there! Thanks for sharing,
    Linda Floyd

    1. Oh my gosh that is so awesome! The Inn at Depot Hill is so incredibly charming- it is a favorite spot to stay in Capitola. Do you have a favorite room? For me, it is between Paris, Delft and Sissinghurst- but they are all so incredibly beautiful. Well done on the design- absolutely gorgeous! I would love to chat with you further about it sometime if you are interested. :)

  6. I bought that exact little brass lamp from PB. But, it had been returned by someone and it was the last one so I got it for less than half off! Love a good bargain, right? And I just love it! Looks great in my office!

  7. You are a busy lady. Glad you got a little relaxation.
    I enjoy all your design and styling.