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Simple & beautiful long ruffled linens in the bedroom

I am all about that romantic vintage inspired French cottage style. 
A style filled with fresh flowers, soft colors and pretty details.

And in the bedroom, that means pretty details on the bed.
Liken woven linen, dainty pleats and long ruffles cascading to the floor.

I am fairly simple when it comes to bedding.
I am not a huge fan of color or anything too frou frou or bold pattern wise.
But give me all the simple elegant linens and barely blushing quilted beauties.

Do you remember that gorgeous blush floral duvet I shared a couple months ago 
for my summer bedroom look?

I absolutely love the simple romantic look it has

With those lovely vintage inspired cabbage blooms and pretty little ruffles.
 So perfect for spring and summer romantic touches.

But... did you realize that next week is November?
As in... Christmas trees twinkling away, wrapping presents, Thanksgiving and 
and holiday music 24/7 on the ipod?

Next. Week.

And I haven't even shared an autumn look in the bedroom yet.

Even Sweet Pea is surprised by that...
And you want to know what is even worse... 
I have one little bit of autumn in one corner of the bedroom... 
and Christmas in another one currently.

And paint going up, flooring being polished and that well loved red check sofa being spruced up.
Which means, I can't take new photos of the whole room just yet.
So...  just talking about pretty linens today.

Linens with delightful little details like those tiny pleated ruffles that I love so much.
Barely blushing quilted layers 
and long gathered ruffles that drop the floor.

I have a confession...

I have this thing about duvets and other things that are 'short' on the sides.
They kind of aggravate me a bit. Or a lot.
If you have a queen size bed- you can order a king and solve it usually
but if you have a king size bed
 well, you might be aggravated and out of luck unless you create something custom or find something like a bedspread with extra long length all around.

This linen bedding solved the issue.
I love the color of the natural linen in the bedroom- and love layering.
I have a white long ruffled bedspread folded up at the foot of the bed as well.

Love the look of layer upon layer of ruffled linen goodness.

And today... that one little pumpkin that is left in the room
is exiting stage left... 
because it is all Christmas all the time for the next couple of months.

And I am so.excited.
It is my favorite time of year for decorating in the house
with all that Merry and Bright and twinkly lights.
And I have some exciting things there to share coming up so stay tuned.

You can shop the look here: 

See you soon for the simple step by step DIY for that Thanksgiving table pumpkin centerpiece.
Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. Perfect timing. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with a charming lady from whom I've already bought three antique embroidered linen sheets. She has more. I can't wait. My next "defi" is antique piqué covers. I am torn between sheets/blankets/etc. and just a duvet in a nice, crisp cover, European style. I like both.

  2. I love that "because it is all Christma all the time for the next couple of months"!!! It's my favorite time as well. Can't wait to start decorating, listening to carols, etc.
    I loved your post today. I too, love ruffled bed coverings. I get so aggravated about short bed skirts as we'll. I usually end up making my own. Your bedding is beautiful. I'm getting ready to give my master bedroom a facelift. Been here in our new home two years, time to get it right!

  3. I have always felt the king duvets are way too short on the sides. What's up with that?!?!?

  4. Romantically beautiful! Perfect for your little cuteness, Sweet Pea:). I have homemade quilts on my bed from my sister. Hard to believe it's Fall, going to be 98 tommorrow:(. Looking forward to your Holiday posts!
    Kathleen in Az

  5. Love your Bedding. I know this month has flew by, I also have not got much decor out for fall either. Hope to get a little bit more done this week :) A work in progress.

  6. After seeing the cream duvet in your bedroom,I ordered it for my guest bedroom as I have a red and white check chair in there. I love it. I love your "natural" look as well.

  7. Can you tell me where you got your white tiny pleated ruffle pillows that are on your bed and where you got your new poster bed from? Thanks so much!