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Laundry Room BEFORE

I have shared the oh so lovely 'before' photos of our house with you many times before.
But this is a space I am going to share a peek of today...
that I have never photographed and shared.

With good reason.

I mean the 'before' of our house was not for the faint of heart.
When we toured it the first time- my husband almost walked away.
With good reason.
It was a literal disaster.

Remember the Dining Room Before?
It was fabulous.

Or the Kitchen Before?
Not exactly charming.

Oy vey.

Or even that weird bathroom Before that was well... 


Did I mention the ceilings were open to the attic in areas?
As in,
That there was no sink or plumbing in one bathroom
and that the lights in each room were merely bulbs handing by a wire?
Or what about the vandalism
the broken windows and lovely furniture & junk left behind everywhere?
 Oh and don't want to forget the infestation of yellow jackets.
Oh yeah.
There was that time that my dad got stung right in between the eyes when working on wiring.

Basically... did I mention that this cottage was a GEM when we bought it? 
It was just a diamond... that was disguised as coal.
And that included the laundry room.

Well, to be fair, it is a laundry closet.
It was a different closet at one point
that was retrofitted to hold a washer and dryer.
There were shelves and old paneling and that was it.

All those laundry rooms that you see- 
the ones with the sinks, and pretty little windows overlooking the yard 
where you can fold laundry and daydream?

Yeah, this was not one of them.
No window. 
and no cupboards
no sink
But... a washer and dryer?

Honestly, my favorite part of this laundry room-
 the doors.

Those amazingly aggravating never stayed on their tracks 
and never stayed closed bifold doors.

But -they were favorites because when they were closed- 
they hid the oh so lovely 
catchall/storage/laundry/ nope I haven't folded yet/ renovation supply/ extra cans of paint that I might need next Tuesday/ 2 months supply of laundry detergent/and toilet paper
I simply have nowhere else to put that right now

We tinkered with the shelves, painted, added baskets for storage-
one for tools, one for extras, one for detergents, etc. to make do until we tackled this spot.
And it was looking a little bit better and less aggravating when doing laundry.
But honestly, 
it was ugly even then.

And so we would close those they never really worked bifold doors
and ignore it since we had walls to patch,
 ceilings to close, 
plumbing to add, wiring to replace in the whole house,
kitchens and bathrooms to renovate
not to mention a family to raise 
everything else in between.

Because the laundry room functioned just fine...
It just wasn't pretty.

Until now.

I can hardly believe that this itty bitty laundry closet is the same itty bitty closet.
That was renovated on an tiny budget in about 2 days.

And the REVEAL is up! Find it HERE

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Courtney! You're killing me! I want to see your adorable laundry closet!!! ;P

    1. I apologize!! I had to wait until I had permission to share everything- the After will be up very shortly! :)

  2. Can't wait one minute more! 👕👗👚

  3. Can't wait! I'll be back tomorrow!

  4. It's JUST LOVELY!!!!!! I WANT to do laundry in that beautiful laundry closet.You did a beautiful job!!! Lucky you, to have a son that is handy! Kudos to him also. Job well done!