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Weekend View

You know, I have to say... 
the weekend view is one of my favorite blog posts of the week.

It is always random, rambling, this and that, nonsense and anything
 and everything all wrapped up into one.
And this week... 
it involves spring, Vegas,  friends and something cozy.

I mentioned recently that I was posting a little less often than usual for various reasons and projects going on behind the scenes. All.good.stuff. that I will share soon.
And I have heard from so many of you how much you enjoy the weekly all rolled into one post- 
so I will likely keep this randomness going. 
 Plus- it is always fun for me to sit down and write about whatever comes to mind to share with you.

Like how much I love this favorite little dog statue
 with lilacs on the mantel in the cottage.

This little guy was a thrift store treasure that I think is made for putting a plant in or a kitchen scrubbing sponge in. I honestly have no idea. But I love him and am bringing him out into the spotlight again for a mantel soon. 
On a side note... 
can you believe it is March 19th and I have NOT blogged about a spring mantel styling yet? 


I had a conversation with a good friend and mentor recently- and it was one that I needed so much -I can't even begin to tell you. She is someone who whenever we talk it feels as if we haven't skipped a beat- and she always always has my back and 'gets' where I am coming from. 

The funny thing about when we first met several years ago- she asked me what I thought about something and I smiled and as I started to say something
 she said 'Let me tell you what I think you think of it...' 
and proceeded to sum up the good, the bad and the whatever in the next paragraph.

She is one of those people who just 'gets it' and she is one of the sweetest people I know in blog land- which makes her a gem. 
Quite literally, just a few minutes with her wisdom, advice and jokes-
well, it is like 30 minutes of clarity with a therapist- only better.
 Instead of her jotting down notes and saying 'tell me how you feel about that'  it involves a whole bunch of laughing.  Do you have any friends like that? 
They are definitely treasures in my mind. 

Vegas, baby

Now I have both of my sons living in Vegas.
Yes...VEGAS.  I am not sure how I feel about it but you know kids these days...they think just because they are 21 and 24 they can pack up and go to another state. ;)

Yesterday my son Cullan and his girlfriend Diem traveled to Vegas with their mattress, boxes of clothes and as many protein bars as they could fit into their car.
They have been living in the cottage while Diem wrapped up another semester in college and are now staying with my oldest son for a bit to explore the area and see about job possibilities.

So, I am seeing more than the usual twice a year to Vegas Market trips coming up. 

Flower Market Shopping

I have a busy couple of weeks of styling coming up- and so that means an order to ship or a trip to the SF Flower Mart is on the agenda. Which I am definitely not going to complain about.  And in my Styling  & Photography for Print series- flowers is one of the things I will be talking about- and what the do's and don'ts are. 

Calistoga Dreaming

Another work and play trip coming up to Calistoga- and our favorite little B&B in Calistoga has 3 days of fun planned involving wineries, chocolates and cheese. Looking forward to sharing all the details for how to plan a romantic and fun trip this spring - complete with winery tour ideas. 

To see more about our favorite b&b- you can find it here

Bedding Refresh for spring

Remember that bedding post I chatted about a couple weeks ago? 
The one that was on the calendar, in draft and ready to go... and then some lucky shipper found that rogue sham that fell out of the box and I was waiting on it to be re-sent?

Well... a couple of the missing items showed up the other day- though I am waiting on another yet- and of course, it is sold out now. So, rather than wait for that to arrive- I will be sharing a peek at some of the new pieces and will do another post later. That is coming your way this week.

And also coming your way- 
that first post on photography and styling. 
A recap of the DBC and where I was when I arrived- and how I felt when I came home. 
Plus... some exciting things behind the scenes that I hope to share with you soon.

Happy Sunday everyone


  1. Courtney, always lways love to read your Weekend View!....So glad that you have a person that "gets you" and always has your back....everyone needs just that person that always gives you those "feel better/reality moments"...and all is well with the world....Have fun at your B&B adventure!....I just learned that if my hubby makes the best of the best again next year, the trip is to the Calistoga Ranch!! I told him ... no pressure, just get me there!

    1. Oh that is so awesome Shirley!! I hope that you guys get out this way- would love to connect if you have time. And you would love the Cottage Grove Inn in Calistoga- so incredibly charming! xo

  2. Always love hearing your random views! That's usually how friends talk -- bursts of whatever comes to mind. Can't wait to see the finished results of what you're up to.

  3. Hi Courtney!I've been very busy with some of my own projects so I haven't been 'visiting' as often but I'm so glad I did today! Your blog is so refreshing - like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!

  4. I love your pics and would love to occasionally send you images of how your tips enabled me to transform our home into a real French Cottage feel. Already had French reproduction furniture, now mixed with dad's overstuffed leather furniture. My bedroom is all French Cottage: Even recovered headboard with same fabric as gorgeous Floral print duvet and 5 coordinating pillows and complementary color Suites. To make the room look larger, hung taupe drapes from ceiling to floor behind headboard, at inset in the wall. Because my dad had horrible but necessary vertical blinds to block the light and heat of the Florida Sun,these drapes + sheer off-white lace drapes again from the ceiling to the floor on my one window & as a bed skirt with an upholstered bench with French legs & feet, completed the French Cottage look. A gorgeous small golden French picture frame holds a beloved child's Valentine, next to my French wide-brimmed straw hat banded in black and bent up in the front on a desktop hat rack. I'd still love to share a couple of pics with you someday. Did the same with the outside creating a butterfly garden and bird sanctuary. A large basket of realistic silk cascading plant with bird sits atop my French country armoire to the left :) Deb E