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Why I broke a rule for these blush table linens

I have a mild crush on anything that is blush or gold.

And blush and gold together is like sugar and spice.
And that favorite I mentioned recently- avocado and toast.
They just go together.
And today it is all about that softness and those barely blushing linens
I shared a peek of the other day.

You know what happens to me when I find something like linen in
the softest most beautiful barely blushing color?
I get a little weak in the knees.

I won't lie.
I am usually the kind of girl who uses simple white or natural linens
and you might have noticed that I don't usually use a cloth on the table at all.
I prefer that rustic backdrop of the weathered wood to be honest.
But these linens? 
They were a game changer.

And they inspired a simple out under the stars.

But it isn't about the table today... it is about those linens.

I actually found these linens while searching for linens for a video with Balsam Hill.
We needed something simple- and welcoming.
And something local in Sonoma since we were working there.

Enter Williams-Sonoma
and 100% linen in the dreamiest of colors... 
including a soft and subtle blushing blush.

Well, you know what happened. 

I saw them and fell in love.

But... at the same time, I rationalized and argued with myself about if I needed them.
I have a lot of linens.
Vintage linens, new linens, hemstitch linens even.

And I have a rule about if I have something similar -
 then I probably don't need something else similar.
Makes sense right?
I didn't need them.
It was settled.

But then I thought of them again a few days later.
That blush was talking to me.

How amazing they would look with gold and whites for spring and Easter tables.
And with a Christmas tree twinkling in the distance at Christmas.
All that holiday magic mingling with that romantic ambiance? 
(I am ready to put a tree up right now just to play a bit.)

And so I told myself that you can never have too many napkins and linens.
(well,  okay, it is debatable)
They get stained. They get eaten by the washing machine. 
They go missing and then you are short napkins for the next dinner party.

Well... maybe not. But on top of all that- they were on sale... and were appearing to be discontinued
and after an extensive search for them online...
I decided this rule was one that could be broken and not really be broken...

So... yeah.
They came home with me.
They were just one of those things that talked a little too loudly to me 
and that I could envision at least 137 different ways to use them 
in about 2.5 seconds the first time I saw them.

Which means- 
they are something that is likely going to haunt me 
if I leave it behind.

But truth be told- 
I have styled them just one way- and am already in love
so I am feeling like it is a win-win all around.

What do you think?

And if you want to shop the look- here you go:

You can find the napkins, 

(affiliate links) 

and I will share the table cloth on the table- 
and that blush linen rule breaking look in another post.

I am currently at the airport in the land of palm trees, swimming pools and movie stars.
Wrapped up an amazing Design Bloggers Conference late last night
and am going home filled up with so much goodness.
The best part of any conference is not really what you learn from the speakers
and the classes ...the best part is the friendships and connections with the people you meet.
This conference has been invaluable to me in so many ways and 
I am feeling grateful to have been able to  spend a couple days with my DBC family.
A full recap- including all the details about my speech coming your way.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Another gorgeous table. The worst part about linen linens is ironing. Twice. Once after laundering, and again when setting the table, so that they are impeccable.

    1. I totally hear you... but the strange thing is- I am one of those people who think ironing is kind of fun. Crazy right? It is just relaxing to get the wrinkles out of something I guess haha!
      Thanks so much for stopping by! xo

  2. Pink is my favorite color<3 Lovely photos Courtney. I'm definitely picking up those linens through your link. Thank you and have a wonderful day:)

  3. I love the linens and the roses, not to mention your style.

  4. The table is simply awesome!! I will definitely be getting a set of these, they are just so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing.Can't wait to hear about your speech.

  5. You put Martha Stewart to shame. This is a table worthy of Louis XVI. Has to be real gold leaf on those plates.

  6. Such a gorgeous table! I love the linens and the beautiful roses!

  7. Bonjour chère amie,

    La présence de cette touche textile adoucit et apporte une belle note printanière à cette très jolie table.
    Merci pour vos magnifiques photos.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  8. I Bought old lovely retro white linen napkins, washed a few accidently with my red Christmas Tablecloth, n now I have Blush napkins, I'm in love

  9. I am so glad you got these lovely linen napkins and table runner. They're absolutely gorgeous. I'm actually shopping for a perfect blush paint color for a guest bedroom. I have gold accents that I now will be just perfect. Blush and gold...perfectly perfect!