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5 simple tips for easy summer decorating

Can you believe that it is almost officially summer?
The season of warm sunshine, beach days and lots of pretty blooms in the yard.

And it is also a season when there are summer get togethers and parties with friends- 
and if you are like me- that means you are also decorating the house like a
wild woman before your friends arrive.

But summer should be about relaxing and enjoying and slowing down just a bit to smell the roses while doing all those fun things- and today- I am joining several friends and we are all sharing 5 tips for summer decor.

And I am all about big impact without a big amount of crazy work.

#1. Think Fresh

Seriously, I know this is a simple tip- but it is one that I pretty much go with all year long
 and especially in summer.

Mantel stylings, the dining room table, your bedroom side table- 
bring a clipping of fresh blooms inside and warm that space up instantly.

#2. Add something with texture

I am a big texture girl. 
Old patina, chippy paint, nubby linens and needlepoints. 
And for summer decor- I love to bring in some of that texture that says 'breezy and simple'. 
Like grasscloth type pillows, baskets for styling the wall, and lots of simple soft florals to lighten and brighten.

#3. Fresh and edible

A favorite tip any time of year but especially in summer-use fresh fruit or veggies in your decor.
 A bowl of lemons or peaches are perfect on the coffee table.  

A copper colander filled with artichokes finishes the kitchen island perfectly.
 Rich deep colored eggplant is perfect in an old wood bowl.
And the best part is- when you enjoy them- you can replenish with something else for a new look and more delicious snacks.

#4. Stack them up

In the kitchen, a favorite look that adds charm is to simply stack dishes for display
or group together a stack of breadboards.

 On the backsplash, on the side of the counter, above the range- 
stacking something like breadboards or baskets brings a charming look without a lot of work.

 I mix old and new breadboards together and it takes just a few minutes to do.

#5. Lighten up

Pretty much everything in summer gets lightened up over here color wise. I am not a bold and beautiful kind of decor loving girl in my space. 

I crave those shades of white and soft barely there colors- and especially during summer when the light is strong and it creates a most welcoming feeling. 

So indoors and out- the linens are refreshed and lots of crisp whites, soft faded blues and vintage colors mingle together for a lighter summery feeling.

I hope you've enjoyed my tips for our summer decorating tour! 
Please continue on the tour to find additional summer decorating ideas from the other talented participating bloggers!


Happy Tuesday everyone.


  1. Love your tips, Courtney! That mural/wallpaper is just stunning!!
    Hugs, Jamie

  2. I love your tips Courtney! Everytime I come here, I'm more in awe of your imagery. No one does barely there colors like you and that summer hammock looks like a dream! Thank you for joining us! xoxo

  3. Always wonderful tips & pics, Courtney! Love the hammock and straw hat especially...just perfect. Enjoy the beautiful days of summer ahead, both in the garden and around the house.

  4. Courtney I would love to be a guest at one of your gorgeous parties! You home is like a fairytale with so many charming, magical details! Thank you for the lovely tips! Happy Summer! xo

  5. Great tips and gorgeous images as always Courtney!!! Do I spy something from Eloquence? Happy Summer!

  6. Great summer tips.

  7. What beautiful tips, Courtney! I love Summer!!! We always have a bowl of fresh fruit on the island and the fresh veggies are constantly being picked and eaten... some are even brought inside and enjoyed in our salads! xox, Emily