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7 essential tips for entertaining on the patio this weekend

Did I mention that we have been doing a fairly decent sized renovation project over here?
One that involves hammering and sawing and a whole lot of making a mess...?
Oh and a whole lot of potential for amazingness.

Well, that is pretty much how I view almost any renovation project.
As potential. And this one? Definitely has it.

And after the day of messy work is done... and the showers are wrapped and it is time to sit and relax a bit (and rest those sore muscles) the patio is the first place that calls our names.
And of course, sitting out by the fire also requires nibbles.
Otherwise known as cheese and crackers and on a special occasion- something sweet.

And today I am talking simple and easy on the patio for entertaining.
 I know, I know. I am a bit of a  table setting crazy woman over here-
but sometimes, guests linger on the patio as well- so focusing on that,

#1. Cheese and cracker platter

Who doesn't love a platter filled with cheese, cracker and fruit nibbles?
 Summer entertaining doesn't have to involve huge dinners and lots of prep work.
 Keep it simple and put out a variety of good cheeses with nutty crackers and maybe even a few slices of fresh basil and tomato bread.
It fills guests up and tastes amazing- and can be put together in just a few minutes.

#2. Don't forget the candles

Even if you are sitting by a fire or fire pit- candles are great for adding warmth and ambiance.
I love to place them on the ground, on the mantel and on the walkways to add an extra sprinkle of goodness.

#3. The dessert

Something cool and refreshing.
Yes, indeed.
And something that seems like it took you hours to make- but that actually was so easy and so delicious that no one can believe it is ready made.
The other night, I brought out a bit of a surprise treat that I had waiting for a warm summer night.

A delicious EDWARDS® dessert full of Hershey's goodness, creamy chocolate and whipped topping-
and probably my favorite thing about it- that cookie crust.
I might have been stealing a few nibbles while setting up. I won't lie.
It is that good. 

#4. Wrap it up

For comfort- why not include a basket full of extra throw blankets for guests to wrap up in if they get chilly? If you are like me- you probably have a ton of extras in pretty colors and textures- so bring them out and set the basket off to the side and let guests know to help themselves.

#5. Music

A playlist makes all the difference.
Right now, it is Chainsmokers on Pandora on repeat over here- well, unless it is feeling like an opera night or a flashback to the early 90's.
Whatever type of music suits your mood and your get together-
find that mix ahead of time, put it on repeat and don't forget to charge up
to avoid running out of juice mid -evening.

#6. Plump pillows

How many times do you think of indoor things like pillows as outdoor items?
 Sometimes- they are the best.
I brought these comfy new favorites outdoors for an extra oomph for those wicker seats -and for a spot to curl up on by the table.
More seating= more conversations and entertaining fun.

#7. Readers favorite tip

Don't forget the citronella candles.
Yes, summer season means bug season and those itchy bites are not a whole lot of fun.
Bring out the candles and use a natural repellent and keep them at bay.

And speaking of outdoor entertaining, I am off to sit by the fire and relax for a bit this evening while dreaming up what that new renovation project is going to look like when it is done.

Happy Friday entertaining everyone.

I collaborated with Edwards Desserts to share a few ideas for summer entertaining- but all opinions and sneaking extra nibbles are my own. You can find EDWARDS® in the freezer aisle- use the product locator to find a store near you


  1. I love the ambience and the sweet and salt play for your treat offerings. I'm wishing for a cozy snuggle in a place just like that as soon as possible. Great job!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, as always.
    Citronella candles are great. We don't get mosquitos here but we love citronella anyway just for the lemony smell. One of the scents of summer.
    Deezer is the favorite music app around here. All my friends love it.

  3. Looks so pretty and I can't wait to find out what the reno project is!

    and that cake. LOOKS SO DELICIOUS

  4. Always love to see your beautiful outdoor settings! Hope you had a most wonderful 4th!

  5. Your outdoor fireplace is such an inviting setting. I have a deck and a screened porch but I am scheming to build an outdoor fireplace. It is so hot in North Carolina in the summer that we really can't sit out much so I think if we had a fireplace outdoors, we would get a lot more use out of our outdoor space. Did you build yours?