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An accidental romantic summer centerpiece & sneak peek

A few weeks ago... there was a little oops.
As I played in the garden, I started tucking some of those delicate
and  little rose branches on the arbor. 

Just a little nudge for them to grow the right way. 
For them to intertwine and cover the arbor with their beautiful blooms...

when it happened.

There was a branch was about 4' long that had popped out of place and that I was trying to adjust. These are tiny delicate rose blooms that smell absolutely incredible.

And as I nudged and tucked and started to tie the branch to the right spot- I hear the snap.
And that beautiful branch heavy with roses was broken. 

As I sat there holding it and feeling a little sad about what I just did... I walked over and placed it on the outdoor dining table so I could finish what I was doing with the arbor.
And that was when inspiration hit.

An accident into a beautiful simple romantic centerpiece.
It was perfect.  I set the table, grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos

 and then brought that beautiful blooming branch inside to enjoy.

Oh and yes... that is another sneak peek of the bathroom renovation. :)

I am off to pick up an antique piece of furniture that I am already in love with...
 but that is a couple hours away so hoping it is worth the drive.
 Tune into my instagram stories for a few first looks at it. 


  1. Your centre piece may be "simple" and accidental, but it is perfect for your beautiful table setting. Looking forward to seeing your antique piece of furniture. Warm regards, Elizabeth

  2. I hate when that kind of an oops happens, but the table and bath room look very cute with the branch and love your bath room sinks...

  3. A most beautiful accidental centerpiece!!!...the roses are magnificent as the tablescape! Looking forward to that antique piece that you already fell in love with!....oh and that bathroom looks amazing!

  4. I swear, your site has more beauty than my eyes can hold! Love everything you do. Seriously Beautiful!