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Weekend View

Did you know that the weekend view is one of my favorite posts of the week?
It is just this and that. 
A random jumble of random thoughts. 

It is where I recap the week that was 
and give a little sneak peek to the week ahead.
And this weeks random edition involves...
 flowers (surprise), Sausalito and a little sprinkling of pixie dust. 

Flower Market 

It has been a busy week over here- mostly involving flowers. And more flowers.
There are some photography projects going on behind the curtain and after a stop at the flower market on Tuesday where I might have gone a bit nuts... I am in a rush to photograph everything before they start to wilt a bit too much.

Lilacs, Peonies, and Ranunculus... oh my!

Yes, I found them all... and yes, they all came home with me.
 Seriously, the peonies... I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful they are this year. I mean, they are always beautiful- but they just feel like they are sprinkled with a little something extra. You can catch a quick video from the flower market showing just how many of those beauties were tempting  me right here

Sausalito Dreaming

One of my most favorite places in the bay area is Sausalito (and Tiburon). Seriously. Amazing little old buildings, charming boutique hotels, right on the bay - and surrounded by all that natural SF beauty.  

We stayed in a gorgeous room in an old mansion with a balcony overlooking the harbor- and yeah, I could definitely get used to that.

I brought along the beach bike for a few photos near the Golden Gate... but the wind... oy. It was a little insane when we were there and the flowers were not too happy getting beat up by it. So... next time.

Pixie Dust

I have been delving into a few ideas the past couple of weeks
and really thinking about what it is that inspires me- and that inspires my photography or stylings.
And you know, it almost always has that 'pixie dust' factor.
The twinkle lights. The romantic wand waved over the room or table. The candles flickering
and the sound of crickets chirping. 

I am a huge fan of ambiance-and creating that ambiance definitely inspires me.
I am working on a post about just that.
Creating ambiance. 
Indoors, outdoors, in small spaces and large.
Pretty much everywhere.

Over at the Design Happy Blog this week- it was all about big, old mirrors and why you need a truck. If you missed it- you can find it Here

I am working on my summer home tour for this year... yes, a little behind since it is already June. That is coming your way soon- and you can find my tour from last year HERE

That is it for this edition of random weekend.
Coming up in June....  
 a peek at the bathroom vanity progress
a new piece of 'vintage' furniture
a new collaboration that I am excited about sharing with you
something fun, something exciting that has to do with baby steps
and something that says summer.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Simply love flowers -- wish I could plant a huge garden with roses, lilacs, peonies, and hydrangeas! We got the herbs planted and I told you about purple basil last year -- we got ours from Lowes yesterday and planted it. The basil is amazing -- you can eat it but it is gorgeous in bouquets and it lasts forever. The bonus is that it roots and you can plant another basil plant. Looking forward to your house tour. Have a great day!!