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Weekend View

Ahhh the weekend. 
Sleeping in just a bit. 
Pouring an extra splash (ahem... or cup) of coffee...

And tackling that weekend to- do list.
Which this weekend, includes sketching kitchen designs, planting foxglove
and a whole lot of photography.

Weekends are usually working weekends over here- 
so the agenda usually includes all of the above. 
And yes, I do love it.

This weeks weekend view is definitely random and full of this and that. 
Like running through sprinklers, fresh mountain air and a quest.

Summer arrived with a bang in California a couple weeks ago with record setting temperatures and this week- they are back.

Hot Summer Nights

Can we take a minute to talk about heat?
When I was a kid, 103 degrees outside didn't even phase me. I ran through the sprinklers and spent my summer days at the neighborhood pool and stayed outside playing on our little country street in the city until the sun went down.

Now, if it is 95 out- I feel like it is 110. Not sure what changed somewhere along the way but I am definitely less tolerant of the heat. 

And living in a 1940's cottage that doesn't have air conditioning- well that is one of the reasons why you will find me acting like I am 5 years old and running through the sprinklers again. 
And likely slipping and falling on the wet grass.  Oh I bet the neighbors love the shenanigans and the laughs. 


I have been on a quest for foxglove again this week. Not just any foxglove. White foxglove. That are large and in charge. 

I need 2 or 3 for a photo shoot I am working on - and of course, I can't find a single one. My husband was able to find purple- so I may go with that.
I even called a home improvement store about 30 miles away to see if they had any.
They said they did. I make the trek. They did not have foxglove. They had larkspur...
Which is lovely- but not what I am envisioning...
I am seriously considering digging a couple up for the photos and then replanting...
 getting desperate.

Tahoe state of mind

 Growing up, I always looked forward to summer for so many reasons-
 and one of the things I looked forward to is the week we would spend with 2 other families in the Frazee cabin on Lake Tahoe. 

 Riding bikes, swimming in the lake, campfires and hikes and building sand castles with Mt. Tallac in the background. Camp Richardson was the best... I could go on and on.

This week, I took a little road trip up to Tahoe to pick up my daughter.
 I opened the sunroof, put Nessun Dorma on the radio and sang opera like I was on stage (it was nothing short of amazing... in my mind. Not sure the other drivers agreed ;) )  And when I got to Truckee, that amazing smell of the fresh tahoe air filled the car. And instantly,  I felt like I was a kid again. There is something in the air in those mountains that I can't explain but that absolutely says Lake Tahoe and is incredible. 

Favorite things

My favorite things this week:

My vanilla Shakeology shake every morning. 3 of my favorite recipes coming your way on Friday.

Chatting with my friend KariAnne about ideas, dreams and possibilities- and her new book So Close To Amazing that is out for pre-sale. 

And simply enjoying every minute of summer sunshine and warm evenings.

Coming your way tomorrow- all the details on where to find the elements I used in the bathroom vanity renovation. 

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I've been in love with your blog for a very long time, but the instant you started talking about Nessun Dorma...oh my! My little heart went pitter patter all over again. I was hooked all over again. So lovely to find another opera lover. I love your gorgeous blog.

  2. I am right with you on the heat thing...... I grew up in CA and now that I'm TX some times it like OH MY!!

  3. I'm sure your operatic voice was lovely and the trees listened appreciatively to your interpretation of the arias. We're in Indiana and I think we'll be needing some nice mountain air! Have a great day!!