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12 simple charming autumn vignettes

Simple and sweet and full of natural touches.

Kind of my motto when it comes to autumn. 
Though I do indulge in a few fun elements like those mercury glass pumpkins or faux candles- most of my autumn decor comes in the form of adding natural elements to the house.
And the other word that fits my motto? 

Seriously, this time of year, everyone starts running around like wild folks
and the busy of the upcoming holiday season starts the hustle and bustle
and so something complicated to put together? 
Not happening.

Over the next few weeks- 
I am a bit crazy busy with travel, holiday and wrapping up my book. 
And so, in between the new posts coming your way (can't wait to finally share the renovations with you!) I am also going to be sharing some of my absolute favorites from autumns past that are charming and fun and EASY.
 and today-we are all about vignettes. 

I am a huge vignette fan (which you might have noticed) 
The reason? A vignette is  simple, easy and best part- a quick and easy
 way to add a touch of seasonal charm or just a charming 'moment' to a room. 
And if you love easy decorating as much as I do- click on over to read about 

Happy Wednesday everyone. 


  1. So many great ideas. Your styling with the wooden crate, pumpkins and green foliage is sooooo pretty!

    I hope you, your family and sweet little dogs are doing okay. Our hearts are heavy for all who've been affected by the fires. Here at my home, which is a good hour from the fires, the sky is orange and we can smell the smoke fairly heavily now. Take care!

  2. Good Evening Courtney... As always, Your Gift of Design Shines Brightly. Thank-You for Sharing. I'm keeping Y'All in My Thoughts and Prayers. Please Stay Safe. Laters,MJ