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7 simple decor ideas for New Years Eve

Can you believe it is almost a new year?

New Years Eve is a time for reflecting on the year and looking ahead to a new one.

It is a time where set goals and dreams and make a plan to work towards them.
I will be sharing a few thoughts about the year in review and what I am dreaming about in the coming year soon- today it is all about ringing in the new year with a festive party.
And if you are like me- you are running on fumes after all the busy- so it is also about keeping it simple and easy without sacrificing any of that style.

#1. Repurpose Christmas garland

No need to toss that garland and come up with something new.
Christmas greens garland works just as beautifully for a NYE table setting as they do on the mantel.
Simply lay it down the center of your table and add flowers and glitter for a festive touch.

#2. The Midas Touch

Gold is always a good thing- and especially when it is on the table.
I am obsessed with that little bit of elegance even the tiniest bit of gold adds.
 For NYE- think party hats, gold rimmed plates and stemware for a bit of the Midas touch.

#3. Festive bar cart love 

Bar carts are great- they hold all the extra bits like glasses & drink stirrers
and they are a one stop place to fill your glass.
To dress them up a bit for the holiday- look around and see what you can repurpose from Christmas.
For this look, I draped an extra piece of fresh garland on the bar cart 
and added a few picks and holiday greeting signs.

#4. Flickering Candles

From mercury glass votives to vintage brass candlesticks to wax drips covering the table-
candles are always great for ambiance.
I love those tapers all covered in drippy wax but if you aren't going to be right at the table- think safety first. Especially if your garland is a bit crispy.
So forget the real candles and use led candles to be safe.

#5. Twinkle lights

Background lighting is so great for adding ambiance where ever you set a table
and is often an overlooked detail. Indoors- tack some twinkle lights on the wall or a mantel and outdoors think of the trees and other spots you can add them.

#6. A treat table

A side table is perfect for setting up as a drink and treats table.
Stack your glasses and treat plates and create a pretty little spot in just a few minutes.

#7. All things glittered

For an added touch of glitz and glam- add picks for messages and garlands that are covered in a bit of glitter or metallic foil.  And tuck in a few baubles as well.

 NYE has a lot of Christmas ambiance included since it is so close- and use that to your advantage and bring those silver and gold baubles into play.

Have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve celebration!


  1. Have a wonderful New Year with your family and friends!! Looking forward to 2018 and what you will share next year! Happy New Year!

  2. Last year was a great year for you, and I know you’ll have an even better one this year.

  3. Beautiful ideas! I'd love to do a NYE party.
    :) gwingal


  5. Always stunning at your home! I love a touch of gold on the table for celebrations. Our china is rimmed in gold and I have several options for gold chargers as well as a favorite set of Annie Glass gold rimmed plates. This year I picked up a basket full of mini bottle brush trees at Target $ Spot bins. They have added a sparkle to my decor for Christmas, but as they are silver, gold, white, and pink, they are perfect to transition into winter if I choose to use them.
    All the best for 2019, Courtney. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Great ideas. Happy New Year Courtney!