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Weekend View- NYE Edition

It is the weekend view time... 
and it is hard to believe that it is New Years Eve.
Seriously. I am really wondering where this year went.

It has been a whirlwind. Of busy. Of dreaming. Of hard work and of changes.
And this past week, I have pressed paused a bit and spent some time being quiet and reflective.
Which I always seem to do this time of year-but this year, it feels like I needed even more.

I am so excited about a new year ahead. 
A fresh, brand new unwritten slate that is full of possibilities.
And I am excited to share some really exciting things for French Country Cottage soon. 
Next week, stay tuned for the bests of and my reflection and the goals and dreams for the new year post- but today it is all random, all the time- 
even on New Years Eve.
Things like snoozing, walking and talking and grand dogs.

1. Sleeping in

Guys. I have taken this to a new level now. And have left the alarm untouched several days this week.
You see... I slept in one day right before Christmas. I know. Crazy right? haha. 

 I decided NOT to set the alarm on my phone and see where those dreams would take me. 
And they took me until after 7am. I am usually turning that alarm off at around 5am.
 I have gotten into the habit of getting up early, sipping coffee, writing and then going for a run... 
but I have also gotten TIRED recently and have been running on fumes and caffeine. 
So, I decided to take a day. Not set the alarm and see what happened.
 And it was fabulous. And yes, in case you are wondering- I might decide to do that more often. 

2. Family

Christmas this year was wonderful. 
In spite of crazy work schedules and juggling to do (my husband doesn't always get holidays off if his shift falls on them) -at the last minute- my oldest son and his girlfriend decided to drive home for the holidays. 

So we shifted gears and stayed home- and with all 3 of my babies in the house- I was one happy mama. I am adjusting to the whole empty nest thing yet- and I absolutely love having the full house with each of them home as often as I can enjoy it. And something else you might notice- new grand dogs. We have 3 new grand dogs this year. Ivy a dachshund, Aurora a maltipoo and Kiba a white husky.  And there is Mr. Weenie - our first grand dog- included in this photo too. And side note: it is not easy to get a photo with 5 people and 4 dogs alll smiling and looking at the camera at the same time. 

3. Walks & Talks

This week, my daughter was home all week. She moved out of the house in October and came home for Christmas for the entire week. It was so good. 

We walked about 5 miles every day while talking. Laughing. Dreaming. And just like before- we dined together at the kitchen island while my husband was at work and then watched several episodes of Catfish. I enjoyed it so much and not going to lie, there were some tears when she was getting ready to leave.

3. Christmas Decor

I almost always leave some of the Christmas up much beyond Christmas. 
Beyond the New Year. And some years- even pretty far into January where it might start looking like February if truth be told.  But this year, I have been putting away the once fresh/now crispy greens already- and planning on packing things up after the first week of January. But I am enjoying those twinkling trees every day right now.

4. 2018 calendar

January is already looking to be a busy month of work and travel -
 and one of the trips in January  I am Beyond. Excited. about.
There are also a couple video shoots and production shoots for some exciting things
coming up- stay tuned for behind the scenes sneak peeks in the coming weeks.

5. 2018 Blog Changes

There are quite a few changes coming to my blog in the new year. One is a branding overhaul and new website. With so many new things coming up for French Country Cottage- we need to change things a bit over here. But don't worry- it will be me and the same photos and blog you have been reading. Just a few tweaks behinds the scenes. 

Keep an eye out for something just for you coming as well. :)

6. Happy New Year

It is New Years Eve. And tomorrow the page turns to a brand new chapter.  I want to thank you so much for taking the time to click over and read my blog. For your encouragement to follow those dreams- and the happiness in accomplishments. It has been a year of dreaming, doing and probably the most work juggling several balls all at the same time that I have done in awhile. And I am so thankful for every bit of it.  

Tonight, I will home in my jammies working on my reflections and dreams and goals post and ringing in the new year with that bedroom tree twinkling and that famous ball dropping on tv. 
And that I know many of you will be out and about at parties to celebrate . Whatever you do- I want to wish you all a safe and happy celebration. 

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Happiest New Year Courtney...thanks for allowing us to live our best life through you! We’re kindred spirits!

  2. Happy New Year Courtney!!!!
    I can so relate to the empty nest...both of my boys live out of state. They were home for a bit this past week. Not the same...but we need to give them their wings so they can soar❤️

  3. Happy New Year Courtney! I am grateful for your continuing enthusiasm with all things French Country in the cottage and home. Thank you! Your lovely photos, inspiring comments and great recipes are refreshing. I look forward to your new branding, website, and your book. Cheers!

  4. Happy New Year to you too, Courtney, and best wishes for a fabulous 2018. Cheers, Ardith

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  6. Happy New Year Courtney! Wonderful to have your family home for Christmas and your new granddogs:). I'll be looking forward to reading your posts in 2018,
    Kathleen in Az

  7. Happy New Year! Loved the pictures. Your daughter looks like you....pretty! You get your rest so we can enjoy your blogs and magazine! I'm with you staying home and watching the ball drop on TV. I don't party anyway....

  8. May this New Year be special in every way… bringing you the gift of love and excitement.
    (01/01)From Japan to friends all over the world; Happy New Year! ! @Sakamoto2Ryouma

  9. Happy New Year Courtney! You have a beautiful family!

  10. Happy New Year Courtney!! Looking forward to all the news you have to share looking forward to 2018

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family! Always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous French country style!

  12. Happy New Year!!!....Loved seeing the photos of the "kids" and grands....Wishing you a most happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Looking forward to all of the beauty that you bring!