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A new Year and new possibilities

Welcome 2018.

A new year.
With new possibilities, new goals and dreams
and a book full of blank pages just waiting for you to write your story on them.

I cannot believe it is already 2018.
2017 absolutely flew by.

It was a year full of transformation and work and dreams and
lots of pausing and enjoying the moment.
It was a year of working hard on dreams- harder than I have ever worked in some ways.
And while you might have thought my feet were planted firmly on the ground and
and those balls I was juggling were in sync all in time and working smoothly-
 it was a year that was exactly that.
A year that was full of juggling.

And while I have admittedly not been this tired probably since my babies were babies
 (hello sleeping in!)
I loved every single bit of all of it.

Because, that hard work was dream work in every sense. 
And I was inspired seeing some of those dream seedlings that I planted years ago
 started to sprout. 

Last year brought changes, ups and downs and
so many amazing opportunities and dreams
 to French Country Cottage.

Year of the Beginning of the book

2017 brought the day that I signed a book deal.
Seriously cannot believe it even now.

When my amazing agent and friend told me that the publisher I had dreamed of was interested. 
 I might have relived that moment a few times- it is right up there with having my babies.
I had been thinking and dreaming and working towards that book for years.
And in spring there were several things that lined up and fell into place. 
And something that I discovered just before
everything came together and it reminded me how important it is to focus on your goals
and to set intentions. 
I will share the behind the scenes story soon.

Year of  A New Romance 

2017 mid year also brought a lot more romance to my world with a new collaboration.
I have enjoyed working with Romantic Homes as a freelance stylist and photographer for years-
 but never imagined in my wildest craziest thoughts that Editor of a magazine 
would be on my resume.
It has been such an incredible honor to work with them and help breathe 
new life and new romance into Romantic Homes.  
And there is SO much goodness coming your way over there.

New Opportunities 

2017 brought travel and opportunities to grow as a person and brand. 
It strengthened relationships with companies I love dearly
and brought new partnerships and ideas to French Country Cottage
which you will  hear more about very soon.
 It was a year of seedling sprouting and more wee little dream seedlings being planted.


On the home front, it brought lots of renovations and changes
and a new chapter. 
With my oldest in Las Vegas, and my middle guy moving out in July
2 of my 3 babies had flown the nest.
And then my youngest moved out in October. 
Which has brought a very quiet, empty house when my husband is out of town for work.  
It has been an adjustment- much more than I have shared here honestly
and there have been some tears while getting used to that empty house.

Blank Pages and New Possibilities 

So what about 2018.
You know what I love most about a new year?
 It is a book that is just waiting to be written. 
It is a place to start with all things fresh and new.

On paper

I am sitting down with a pencil and paper and jotting my goals & dreams down- 
and setting intentions.
I feel like when a dream or thought goes through your hand onto paper
it solidifies it even more for focusing on.
And beyond setting those intentions and focusing on them
I am committing to putting the work in to nurture and grow those dreams.
 More than ever, 2017 affirmed that dreams require more than just dreaming
there is a whole lot of hustle and work that goes along with that as well.

Goals and Dreams

I have big dreams and goals for 2018
and I am taking steps towards them today and tomorrow and every day.
Not all steps are big- some are busy work, some are even boring work-
 but they are all steps.

 Dreams and this blog
that began one day on a whim are proof 
that sometimes you start walking in a direction
not knowing where that path might take you.
 And one day,
you find yourself somewhere that is exactly
where you needed to be.

So if you have big dreams that you feel like are so far off - 
just start walking. 
Take that first step.  Then the second. And third. 
Plant those dream seedlings and nurture them. 
Focus on them, eat, sleep, breathe them.
Some of the smallest of baby steps that I have taken
 have led to the biggest of dreams starting to be nurtured.

I am Grateful

I am so grateful for the many blessings 2017 brought
and that includes each of you who stop by my blog to say hello,
read my random stories and connect with me.
 You are all a part of French Country Cottage and I am so grateful for you
and your kind words and friendship.

Welcome 2018.
I am excited for you and the fresh possibilities.
I am excited about the blank pages you hold
just waiting to be filled with dreams, moments
 and beauty.

Here is to a healthy blessed 2018 full of magic.


  1. Wonderful read Courtney. I love the magazine and was so happy to see you in the editors seat. Looking forward to the changes. I sat down too with my Dream book and made notes and intentions. 2018 will be a very good year.

  2. Congratulations to you, Courtney. You are so deserving, and I'm enjoying Romantic Homes Magazine so much more now that you're editor. I look forward to your book, too! It will be great because you have great style and a wonderful eye for all things pretty and French.

    I became an empty nester in August, and it is quite an adjustment. I feel your pain!

    Here's to the best to you and yours in 2018! Happy New Year!

    Ricki Jill

  3. Hello Courtney thank you so much for your beautiful blog. I am in the UK on a dull and rainy day but full of anticipation for the year ahead. After two very difficult years I have goals and dreams which I have already started to work towards. For whatever reason I feel stronger and more determined than ever at the turn of the New Year. Also, much love and hugs to you from one empty nester to another, it is so hard but we can take comfort in knowing that our children are loved and ready for their future as adults, we will always be behind them for support. My heart aches for children for whom this isn’t the case. Wishing you and your family every success and happiness for 2018. Susan

  4. Beautiful blog today and thank you for your encouraging words, may all of our dreams come true, and I look forward to reading what will be inshore for you in 2018. The best to you and your family Courtney Happy New Year!

  5. Cette page est si inspirante!
    Merci pour ces mots
    Bonne année à toi