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Weekend View

Happy Weekend everyone.

It has been a quiet weekend over here with projects around the house an blog work after a busy week with my Balsam Hill family- and today it is all about that random weekend view.

#1. Faking it

I spent a couple of days playing with faux florals & wreaths earlier this week. Balsam Hill was shooting some of their catalog and website photos- while several of us spent some time creating  several videos showing how to put arrangements together and create gorgeous centerpieces for spring and yes- Christmas too. 

It is always fun to work on set with Balsam Hill and see the behind the scenes of those gorgeous photos you see online.

#2. French Pressing 

Since our location shoot was local in the Bay Area- I drove into the city-
 which meant- I could bring my own coffee making bits with me. 

Bringing a hot water kettle and a french press when staying in a hotel is kind of like camping to me. Well, okay... not really.  More like glamping maybe... ;) 
But I will say that instead of getting ready to go out and grab coffee right away when waking up, I enjoy brewing my own little pot of coffee while in staying cozy in my pjs
 and wake up slowly while sipping away.

#3. Survey says

I asked and you answered. 
Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to take the survey about what you like here on the blog. Always one to try to mix things up a bit and keep things interesting- 
it was great feedback to see what your favorites are- 
and they are my favorites too which is even better. 
 If you didn't get a chance to take the survey and want to weigh in and share your thoughts- 
it is open for a few more days- and you can find it here.

#4. Design Bloggers Conference 

It is coming up in just over a month- and I am super excited about it as always. It is the best conference out there about blogging and interior design in my opinion. 

 I am not speaking this year- but I am working with the conference doing a mentor program- and I will be sharing all the details about that when I have them. 
 If you are going- I would love to connect and say hello. 

#5. Vegas, Baby

I am off to Las Vegas this week for a visit with my oldest kiddo and Las Vegas Market.
 I am excited to share what inspiring things I find and you know I will be shopping the vintage while there as well- and hopefully finding things that don't cost more than the item to ship back. 
(ahem, that French Laundry basket that started out as a $30 item
 that became a $140 item with shipping)   

Tune in on instagram stories for some behind the scenes snaps of what is catching my eye.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Your French laundry basket is gorgeous and I think you scored:) Even though the shipping brought it to $140, it was still worth it as most of those go for around $300 + easy especially if in good shape and large. And the glamping coffee press and portable water kettle is such a great idea. Have a great time in LV!

  2. LOVE all thing you do! I am thrilled to be going to market, too, this week. It is overwhelming with 12 million sq feet of amazing to view. IF you are willing to share where should I be sure NOT to miss while there? Any suggestions are so appreciated. Keep up the fabulous, inspiring dreams you create, Many thanks!

  3. I never travel with out my Coffee Making Bits. It just wouldn't be a good morning or the start of a new day. You probable have one of a kind in the French laundry basket. Enjoy it. That's what it was made for....your pleasure.

  4. Great post and thank you for sharing

  5. I agree with DeAnna even with shipping for that laundry Basket it was a good deal, I would have paid more for it! I know myself well enough if I look at something and it "takes my breath away" or I can't stop thinking about it gotta have it! It looks perfect in your bathroom so worth it. Have fun this week!