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10 Favorite Blush linens for your bedroom

Sometimes I am inspired by something for one room
and it leads to something for another room
and another inspiration.

And before you know it... a makeover is in the making.

Truth be told, I am a linen loving kind of girl.
Obsessed might  be a more appropriate word.
linen hoarder. 

I have a bit of a stock pile.
 You know, in case they run out in the store sometime.
Seriously though-  linens are one of the easiest ways to change the entire look of your room. 
A fresh duvet in a pretty print or simple linen and a couple of throw pillows- 
and snap you are done. 
Even a swap of the curtains and simply adding a chunky knit throw 
or quilt to the end of the bed can do the trick.

And I am working on fresh look in the bedroom for spring... 
and have been shopping inspiration for what I kind of have in mind
  before I hit the stores and the purchase button.
Because... as I said-  linen hoarder-
I will want them alllllll and definitely need to narrow it down ahead of time. 

The other day, I shared this sweet blush ruffled linen duvet on Instagram. 
And so many questions about where to get it...I found it at TJMaxx online and it is unfortunately already sold out- but that is a great spot to shop if you don't already.

And so I linked some of my other favorite blush crushes right now.
From duvets, to comforters, to sheet sets and throw pillows.
Because, layers folks. Lots of layers.
And pillows. upon. pillows. upon pillows.

One of my all time favorites- this bedding from Shabby Chic... 
super pretty and so feminine.

photo courtesy of

And you might remember this one that I shared recently in a soft gray-and it seriously is the softest stone washed feeling fabric- and  it is also available in pink.

I have had internet issues this weekend and am not able to grab these photos/links to share- I do apologize for using a widget that takes some time to load.  I will update to photos and links today when I get a chance.
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Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. Bonjour,

    Une envie de rester un peu plus longtemps au dodo !!
    Très jolies parures...
    Merci pour ce petit billet.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  2. Muy bello,me encanta,gracias, saludos.

  3. Oh my what beautiful linens I would love these for my room but right now it is my husband's room instead of our's due to he is in a hospital bed in in home hospice so prayers are needed