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French style poster bed details

Sometimes you just need a little something with a touch of French style.


Maybe it is something tiny like a gilded french table to tuck into the corner of a room.
Or maybe something that takes a bit of center stage in a room.

And in a bedroom- that might be a bed.

Can you believe that I have had a new bed in my bedroom for quite a bit and I have shared views in home tours, social, etc.... and then someone mentioned I had not done a whole post.  
And so many questions about it whenever I shared a photo. And I was like surely I did a post about my bed... and then I searched my posts. And well...
SO, today, it is all about that new bed in my bedroom. 
That isn't so no new any longer... but kind of is.


It was the details that drew me to this frame. Swedish, French vintage... love love love.
I loved the simple styling with the elegant carvings and fluting. 


And in the total opposite- I love the simplicity. 
The simple linen headboard and footboard give me a simple stage to work with when adding layers of pretty linens and patterns such as florals to the bed.

I think keeping the bed itself simple allows for more flexibility with the bed dressings.
But if you are a simple linen in white kind of girl- you could definitely go for more drama 
when it comes to the carvings and details on a bed frame - which I love as well.

A bit of Drama

Well, you know I am all about that drama in design over here- 
I love the over the top chandeliers and kitchen looking like a flower market- 
so the four poster option for this bed was exactly what I was looking for. 
It gives me the ability to add curtains or a long length of linen across the top when I want cozy.
Or leave it on the more 'naked' side and enjoy just the lines of the frame.

I think that is something important to consider as well when purchasing furniture.
Flexibility with design to allow for changes in your mood and style.

Quick change

As mentioned above- that canopy and 4 posters can be removed though-
 which means I can also use this bed as a very simple, elegant frame that works in a room with low ceilings just as well.
And for those not wanting a footboard- you can purchase just the headboard.
Love options.


I went with the white painted finish for this piece. 
They do have it available in a gray wood- but it didn't feel like it would fit my style as well as the chippy white.  
The white felt more soft and muted and had the ability to mix with the painted pieces in my bedroom
like the nightstand or the red checked upholstered sofa. 
(which is in here for those who asked-  it is just by the fireplace) 

The overall feeling of the bed in my room is very light and airy - especially compared to the heavy dark wood bed we had in here before.
While I loved that chunky dark wood bed frame- we were ready for a change. We had that frame for probably going on 15 years and it just didn't feel like it fit my gravitation towards 'less is more' in a room.  Sometimes, even when something fits your style- you crave something a bit different. 

So while I love the way the dark wood looked in the bedroom,
the fresh white walls, light furniture and fabrics and overall more dainty feeling suits the feeling I was aiming for in my room. 

And for those who have asked- this bed is not an antique- 
it is a reproduction from one of my favorite antique reproduction companies- Eloquence.

I hope that answers all your questions about this somewhat new
 but not really new piece. 

 If there is anything I missed- let me know and I will try to reply in comment here or via email.

Happy Monday

Not sponsored folks- just sharing the details. 


  1. Beautiful, Thank you for doing the post I didn't think we had a full post on it. I don't think the pink settee had a post unless I missed it, it is beautiful as well.

    1. My bad!! I guess I thought I had shared! haha. I did share a post when I found the settee... it was a few photos of it on the lawn of all places haha! But I haven't done an updated post- will make a note of it! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Thanks for sharing about your new bed. I'd wondered about it. It's gorgeous. So light and beautiful.

    1. Thanks Katie!! One of my favorite things about it- how light and airy it feels :)

  3. Your bedroom is very pretty! Love it and Sweet Pea too! Eloquence certainly has beautiful furniture. I purchased an antique iron and marble table from them a couple years ago and just love it.

    1. Ohh I love all things Eloquence!!! Your table sounds delicious!! I have literally offered to move into their showroom in High Point to take care of it for them. It is SO. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful bed but that setter and mirror is just Gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you Nancy!!! I hope all is well with you! Are you going to Market again in April?

  5. Love your new bed frame. I m in the process of trying to lighien up my bed frame.thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Pamela! That lighter look really does make a difference in a room. :)

  6. Oh my I Love your gorgeous bedroom I had a 4 post bed but the grandson has it since we have a hospital bed for my husband in in home hospice

    1. Have thought of you and your family several times since you posted. Sending a prayer your way Norma.

  7. Love the new "old" bed. So much more your signature style compared to the dark wood.

  8. It is a stunning bed!! I love lovely and I would love to get it too....but I also love the bed we bought 16 years ago and I painted...
    You are right the color is soothing and wonderful....
    Love the linens didn't talk about those....
    Our entire bed has linen on wonderful....Please tell more about the linens...where they came from...

  9. Love, love, love it and glad you finally shared it!

  10. This is perfect, Courtney. We had a four poster bed for a while, then I painted it, then Dearest and I built an upholstered headboard - it's fun making changes and the older I get - ;) - the more I want my surroundings to be lighter and more uncomplicated! Beautiful setting and your little sweet puppy is darling! We're going back and forth about getting another dog after losing our little Dachshund...Dearest wants a big dog. We'll see! I hope you're having a wonderful week - I'm sure we'll see more of your lovely bedroom in your upcoming book!



  11. I must say that I am a huge fan of that bed!! Gorgeous!! :)

  12. I love the bed! About 3 years ago I changed from dark oak bedroom furniture to a "antique white" set. The bed has large corner posts with finials and a curved headboard and footboard. I would call it French Country. It's not as delicate looking as yours but the lighter color gives a much lighter feel to the room. I found a linen covered bench that I simply had to buy since the lines and color worked so well with the rest of the room. It's wonderful to have an oasis at the end of the day!