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Braided floral topped pie

Something simple and sweet...

And not just for fall or winter.

I am obsessed with floral everything. I think that is pretty well established.
And when it comes to entertaining for any occasion-I love florals on the table.
 On the place settings. 
And on the dessert.

Today I am joining a great group of blog friends and sharing inspired ideas for Easter tables and entertaining. And I thought of that braided crust pie I made in the fall.
 The one with the tiny bits of blooms on it.
 And thought it might be perfect for an Easter dessert as well.

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If you are coming over from
my friend Kim at Sand and Sisal- welcome!

Braided or twisted crusts and floral decorations on pies are nothing new- there are countless examples and ideas for different looks and techniques.
 So this is something that every time I make it - I try something different to see what I like best. 

This is a simple blackberry pie- that is oooh so good and oooh so perfect for Easter.
Best part? 
This pie could not be simpler to make. 
It is a blackberry pie and it has just a couple ingredients which makes it even better.

Start with your favorite pie crust recipe- so many times people have preferences or their grandmothers recipe that they have been using for years. If not- I would suggest either buying a pre-made crust (if you aren't up for making your own) and a box of crust mix for making the top-

I followed a similar recipe to this one by Marilyn Batali-and they have a crust listed on their recipe as well. 
I should note: I substituted and tweaked the recipe a bit and I did not use the cubes of butter in the original recipe.


1 1/2 pounds of blackberries- fresh or frozen or a mix of both 
1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

Stir the blackberries with the sugar, flour and lemon juice, 
and then pour into the prepared pie crust 

Roll out your extra dough for making your lattice top. 
Slice 6-8 even strips about 1/2" thick for layering and then strips about 1/4" thick for braiding. 

Place your strips on your pie however you would like them. 
Some like chunky and then smaller and others like more evenly spaced strips. 
Take your small strips and carefully braid them- just as you would braid hair. 
If you find they are breaking too much you can also just twist the strips together to create a twisted braid look

This is an older photo from an apple and berry pie

Lay on the pie top with your other strips in the arrangement you like. 
And lightly brush with egg.

Bake at 375 degrees for an hour or until hot and bubbly- you can cover top with tinfoil if browning too quickly.

Remove and let cool.

After your pie cools- you can add your flowers.

A really important thing:
Make sure the flowers you use are safe and edible.

You do not want to use toxic flowers- not a good idea. 
Your guests will definitely not appreciate those ones.

Do a google check on edible flowers and then go forward with using.
And I like to place a bit of saran wrap or paper under the flowers  as well

I used spray roses and some sprigs of wax flowers on this pie

Wash and dry your flowers and then line your pie where you are placing the flowers

with the paper/wrap if you choose to and arrange the flowers on one side or however you would like to.

Then take a dozen photos to share on FB or social media because it is so pretty...

and then enjoy.


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Happy baking everyone!

See you later for Feathered Nest Friday!


  1. Your pie is beautiful. Nasturtiums are another colorful, edible choice.

  2. The pie is too pretty to eat! Simply lovely, Courtney!

  3. Looks so inviting Courtney! xo

  4. Love a fresh blackberry pie...especially one that looks so pretty!

  5. Mmm blackberry pie is my most favorite and I’ve never seen it looking so pretty! It reminds me of picking all the wild blackberries when I was little. How much lemon juice should I use?

  6. It’s amazing how adding pretty flowers to anything, even a yummy pie, can upgrade it! This looks both delicious and gorgeous!

  7. Oh my goodness !!...I wish I had a plate and fork. The blackberry pie looks absolutely heavenly.

  8. Oh my Courtney! This is gorgeous! And it looks just as delicious!
    Hugs, Jamie