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Blush Check Window Seat Pillows

I am one of those girls who might be obsessed with little things... 
like details.

Pretty little carvings on furniture, and gilding on mirrors, plaster moldings and yes, even fabrics speak to me.

I know what you are thinking... fabrics speaking?
They do.
 Just like vintage Florentine tables, peonies and old mottled mirrors speak. 
They don't talk of course... they just have a way of having to come home with me. 

So when it came to refreshing our living room window seat- I shopped and shopped and bumped into the most gorgeous blush and white oversized check fabric. 
With the perfect nubby hand and texture- and the perfect color as is AND the perfect color reversed (because I like options)
 I knew this was the one. 

I ordered the yardage and ordered 2 window cushions and waited not so patiently for them to arrive... and when they did- I got to work playing.

Pillows are one of those things that are simple and easy to make. Especially if you already have a pattern (meaning- a cover you can use to get an idea of the size you need). I tend to be one who like simple design- especially with a check or floral- not a ton of fringe- just a clean edge. If I do want an edge- I go with a piping in coordinating color or custom made. 

So for these pillows- I started out with the existing 20x20 and pillows and simply sewed a few new covers. Something to mindful of when using a plaid- pay attention to the patterns and try to line them up if it will bother you if they are not. It is a bit of an extra step- and often extra fabric -but it you are one of those who likes that neat and tidy detail- it is worth it.

For the seat which is a simple wood construction- I ordered 2 bench seat covers and put them together. They are a tad deeper than they should be- so I will be retrofitting the seat by adding a board that is a tad longer to make them work- and they might be getting a fresh little slip as well.

And when they are framed in my moms French ticking curtains- with a wicker chair pulled up (and peonies and ranunculus of course) this little spot feels like an enchanted area to sit and listen to the rain and read a book. 

You can find the fabric I used for the pillows here- it is called 
Wagland Block by Robert Allen 
 is available at Calico Corners. 

The great thing about this fabric- it is thick, beautifully made fabric- and in a nice large size (rather than a small width)  which means you can get several pillows out of a smaller yardage- 
especially if using a plain back. 
I am obsessed... 
and you can bet you will be seeing more of it popping up soon.
And I will share more of the finished window seat shortly as well! 

Hope your Monday is off to a great start.

This post was sponsored by Calico Corners- all opinions are my own.


  1. That is beautiful fabric Courtney, I love how warm and inviting this spot is :)

  2. I’m in love with this fabric. Thank you for introducing us!😍

  3. So lovely!!! I can hardly wait to see all you have planned for this part of your room.😊

  4. Great fabric and great job making the pillows from pretty and soft!

  5. Very pretty!
    I had a lot of fun (surprisingly) making pillow covers. I experimented with different pleat combinations--nothing very complicated.

  6. I love this fabric, and it would perfectly match our area rug in our family room. Your window seat is lovely, Courtney!

  7. A soft pretty respite with the beautiful pillows and your curtains. The flowers adds a touch of romance:). Kathleen in Az