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15 gift ideas for Mother's Day

It is hard to believe that is already almost the middle of May - and that this weekend it is all about celebrating the moms, grandmothers, aunts, and mom figures in our lives.

I have a confession... I am a last minute shopper this year. 
As in... shopping right along with writing this post.  And you know it can be hard to shop for mom when you aren't sure exactly what to get. 
But I have a few ideas in case you are like me and are scratching your head while looking for that perfect something.

First up- a most perfect gift for any mom is going to be anything that involves You and the thought you put into something.  
A gift doesn't have to be purchased- homemade and handmade gifts are wonderful- 
as is the gift of spending time with her. 
But if you are looking for something simple to wrap up and bring along with flowers or send as a surprise package- here are a few ideas- that start at around $15 

#1. Coffee Mug

I am personally am a big time coffee fan. And a coffee mug is always a good idea. I found some darling Mother's coffee mugs that would be so cute. Add a bag of coffee and a pretty spoon for stirring and create a charming little specialty gift.

#2. Copper Mixing Bowls

Kind of random, I know... but copper mixing bowls are perfect if your mom loves copper and metals in the kitchen or if she loves to bake. 

#3. Essential Oils gift set

A neat way to introduce your mom to essential oils- or gift her a few favorites. 

#4. Kitchen Aid Mixer

A little more decadent mother's day gift-but maybe something like a fancy mixer has been on her list for awhile.

#5. A favorite scented candle

I am obsessed with Voluspa candles and the intoxicating scents they have. And they are just as pretty as they smell- which makes them a perfect gift.

#6. Beach tote

I love a straw bag for the beach, groceries or simply carrying all my stuff around in the summer. This one is such a great price- and on sale.

#7. Marble & Copper Monogram Board

Because- a monogram makes everything feel a bit more fancy.

#8. Seagrass basket for holding EVERYTHING

These baskets are kind of everywhere right now- so for the mom on trend- she would probably love a one of these for her favorite blankets, magazines, etc.

#9. Wood serving board

Perfect for entertaining all summer long- I love this long wood serving board. I used it for serving fruit and cheese and crackers for that table recently- and it is a charming display piece when not in use as well.

#10. Sweet little pitcher 

A charming little patterned pitcher for holding flowers, serving tea or whatever Mom's heart desires.

#11. Blush dish set

Because, sometimes mom is in love with blush as much as you are- and a set of new dishes always makes serving dinner feel a little more fancy. (bonus- the set of these are under $20- so you can add in a few other things and feel good about it if you want to) 

#12. A peach mercury glass votive set 

Perfect for scattering on the mantel, on the coffee table or marching down the center of the table when entertaining- mercury glass votives are always a good idea. I have this set and love them-and I gifted several sets during the holidays- they are super pretty.  (and another under $20 gift)

#13. A Gift Card

TJMaxx, HomeGoods, Target, Macy's, Williams Sonoma- or even a favorite restaurant. A gift card is always a welcome gift- then she can get exactly what she wants.

#14. Mom Necklace

Personalized or a simple Mom and Daughter or Mom and Son necklace- sure to be a gift she will love.

#15. A photo book or framed photo

Moms love to look through photos and photo books filled with baby pictures, family get togethers, funny moments and more- are sure to be a cherished gift. And with the extra thought that goes into putting something like that together- it is is a heartwarming gift as well. This one is one you can make online- but a handmade one is just as lovely.

A few more ideas- how about flowers and a dinner date with mom? Time to catch up and chat just the two of you at her favorite restaurant or coffee shop- or even at home. 
Maybe doing a bit of housework (always a favorite for me!) or gardening for her- 
Or even notching a thing or two off the to-do list for her.  There are always things that need to be done around the house- and I know, I appreciate it when my middle guy comes by and tackles a project I would like to have wrapped up.

There really are so many ideas for how to spoil mom or your mom figure for moms day-and they don't all have to be wrapped up in a pretty little package to be an amazing gift.  Not sure exactly what I am doing just yet this year- so off to do a bit more shopping. Happy gifting.

You can shop the items I shared above here (affiliate links) and no 


  1. I see a few things I would love for myself.

  2. Everything shown is lovely! There is nothing here that would not be received as a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Where can some of these things be purchased even after Mother’s Day?