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The secret to these buckets of blooms on the patio

I might be obsessed with pretty little buckets.

Especially when they are filled with pretty little flowers.
And these... have a secret.

Buckets are one of those things that when browsing a store or flea market
I can't walk by without pausing.
I collect them all. 
Dented and dinged up utility buckets, painted buckets, even slightly rusty crusty buckets if they talk to me. Tall, small, you name it. 

I know- such a strange obsession right?
But.. buckets are just so darn cute.

And you can literally use them anywhere. 
I pair them on the island
stack them on old wobbly benches in the yard
and enjoy them out on the patio.

And since they are buckets -they can be used as a vase for
fresh cut flowers from your garden 
Or like a vase in a different way  like these on the patio... 
which are secretly something else.

My husband brought these flowers home last week
knowing I would fall in love with them pretty quickly.
Which I did.
But I didn't have the same plans for them as he did.
You see, these are hanging baskets.

A favorite trick with hanging baskets is to simply
remove the 'hanging' elements and enjoy them simply as a basket of blooms.
Because, usually those hanging baskets have the most amazing trailing flowers which cascade al over the place and look incredible. 

So the trick with this bucket of blooms is that the hanging basket-
became a basket-
which is then simply set right into the bucket.
The edge of the plastic basket actually rests right on the edge of the bucket.
Does that all make sense?

Basically, I am talking about buckets of baskets of flowers...

I think I haven't had enough coffee yet.
Or maybe it is my allergies and sinus pressure making me feel a bit spacey
Or both.
But hopefully you know what I mean.

Literally you can tuck those  baskets AND buckets full of beauties anywhere 
and the look incredible.

Coming your way- the rest of the spring refresh on the patio.
and you can find these galvanized buckets 
(which you can use for baskets of flowers if you want to) 
at HomeGoods.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. I have always done that too - hanging baskets - just did with ferns recently for my urns in front. It's easy and affordable and they're already super big.

    YOUR blooms are amazing - and your styling, well, you are a must read blogger. Just sayin.

    Hope your allergies alleviate soon - those who suffer suffer big. I am blessed I do not.

  2. I use hanging baskets and take off the hangers, too if I'm not hanging them up. These are beautiful!

  3. They look lovely and that's a wonderful idea.

  4. Yes I have done that for years.

  5. Courtney, what a clever idea! I think it looks fabulous, and thanks for the heads up on the baskets from HomeGoods that's amazing! However, I must say your hubs really knows where to shop for some beautiful flowers because our blooms at our local stores were not looking and nearly as profuse as these beauties are! 😄🌸🍃

  6. What a great Idea so simple yet I never thought of it, so thank you!

  7. I just bought one of the buckets at Home Goods last week and have it on my garden bench. How exciting to see it on your beautiful patio. I must have good taste.

  8. Love them!....All of the containers on my porch are hanging baskets too! I find that they are much fuller and they contain flowers that draping over the containers are a good thing....ooops, my secret is out! ... Such a sweet hubby to bring home the flowers he knew you would love!!

  9. Exquisitely beautiful! But what do you do about water collecting in the bottom of the bucket? Do you drill holes for drainage?