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Antique Victorian Arched Marble Fireplace- Before

When searching craigslist becomes an every few days kind of thing... you might be a bit obsessed.

But... in a good way.

When then bumping into something amazing that basically makes you a little giddy inside happens and when you find something that you have been searching every spelling, description, etc for months for... well, you do a happy dance.
And maybe a few arm flexes and strong man poses because you are that.excited.

I wasn't going to blog about this yet.... I haven't even washed and cleaned up yet. I just grabbed my phone and started snapping a few photos to share with you.
And yes, sharing with alllll the years of dirt and grunge they are covered in from being stored outdoors. haha.
I just could NOT wait.

First up- shout out to the man. He stops at Traders or the SF Flower Market and brings flowers home with him for projects for me.

He hops in his truck when he is off work and runs over to who knows where to pick up random treasures I find on craigslist. Like that french daybed...

He drove into the heart of the city (and one way streets which he hates to drive on) to pick that daybed up for me while I was in High Point working.
And... this weekend, he took a run over to San Jose to pick up a few amazing treasures.

I have actually had this on hold for a month. The guy who was selling them had them stored outside for years and years and so he was fine with waiting until our schedules aligned and he let me make a deposit until we got over his way.

This is an antique victorian arched marble fireplace mantel/surround. With heavy chunky carved center pediments and loads of simple details- and that luscious marble!! It was love at first sight.
 The seller told me that his in laws had owned an antique store years ago and they had the mantel in the store after pulling out of an old victorian that was being torn down.

And here is the best thing... there are actually 2 of them.

Do you see me flexing and doing a happy dance right now?!

He mentioned that he had random pieces of marble that went with them  (the sides and the bottoms) and that there was also more than one but it had been dropped somewhere along the line and had broken.  But he said I could take them both and tinker with the broken one for the same price.
And of course, I jumped on that in about 1.5 seconds.
And I don't even want to tell you what the price was because oh my goodness, a trip to the grocery store for a couple of bags of food costs more than the asking price and what I paid for these.
(and I didn't even offer less) 

Of course as you can see - one of them does have a few issues. The bottom of the leg on one side is in pieces. The good thing is- I was able to piece it back together in a few minutes to see if anything major was missing. And it is all there.

To me - once repaired it will add a lovely patina and character to the mantel- and it doesn't bother me at all. 
And look at this detail on one of them.. oh my goodness.

Carved. Flowers. INSANELY gorgeous.

Here are some of the inspirations for this mantel:
(all direct links here)

One of my favorite things about arched marble fireplace mantels is that they are simple and elegant at the same time.  Not a lot of fuss and simple classic details let the movement of the marble speak.

Of course, I am in awe of this gorgeous carved detailed beauty- so toss out the simplicity and bring on the amazing carvings too!

Or maybe a balance in between the two. Simple styling, detailed details and delicious marble.

Really though it is the arched box and those carved details on the center pediment that get me.

So what do you think? Would you be obsessed with these too?
I might be crazy... but I am okay with it!

Stay tuned for the fix and reveal.

Happy Wednesday


  1. Beautiful! Congratulations on your find.

  2. I'm in love with the carved flowers!!! What a treasure....

    1. I know the carved flowers are incredible- so much detail!!

  3. They are amazing, I can't wait to see what you do with them.

    1. They really are treasures! I am excited to play with them and clean them up!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh! What an amazing find! They are gorgeous!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! And the couldn't have fallen into better hands.

  6. These are stunning, and the carved flowers just send it over the top!

  7. You have inspired me to look on Craig's list more!!!! So gorgeous!

  8. Just beautiful .... will enjoy seeing them up and on display

  9. A woman after my own heart - I know that fervor and joy! I am anxious to see the final product!

  10. Do you already have a place for them in your home?

  11. They are GOR-GE-OUS!! They couldn’t have fallen into better hands 😉 We’ll all look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  12. They are GOR-GE-OUS!! They couldn’t have fallen into better hands 😉 We’ll all look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  13. unbelievable....and such a good price...anxiously awaiting their placement in your home...congrats on your find..

  14. Courtney,
    Two for the price of one?!!! Amazing. Beautiful.


  15. Stunning simply stunning, I would do the happy dance as well!

  16. BAM! (That's the sound of me hitting the floor after fainting from envy!) I would say that Craigslist obsession of yours is extremely well justified. They are just gorgeous. Amazing find - congrats!

  17. Exquisite!...I can see why you cannot leave the other behind!....I shall be on the lookout in the near future for two fireplace surrounds....I remember in one of the homes growing up, we had a massive marble fireplace was just the fireplace as it was in South Florida...but remembering it was my most favorite thing in the house. Congrats on the great finds!!