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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

A quiet morning over here that is perfect for an extra cup of coffee and waking up slowly. And this weeks weekend view is all about Dad, raccoons, being centered and more.

This weekend is Father's Day- which is all about giving love to the dads and dad figures in our lives. And wanted to say a happy Fathers day to all the dads and dad figures out there.

I was fortunate to have 2 dads when growing up.  The first was my dad - dad and the second came from divorce and re-marriage but he was just like a dad to me since I was about 8 years old. And while things weren't always perfect and marriage and divorce and remarriage and blended families a is not easy, I love them both dearly.  I know so many folks who struggle with Mothers and Fathers days because they didn't have that relationship they always hoped for. And I understand.

Whether you celebrate Fathers Day and your husband, your dad, your grandpa or a dad figure who means something to you- I hope you enjoy your day!

Raccoons and more raccoons

Do you remember last weekend when I shared that we had found that teeny tiny baby raccoon who had fallen out of the tree in the back of the property? It had been crying for hours and was completely exhausted before falling. Animal control picked him up and took him to the Wildlife Rehab and we forgot about that tree again... until Sunday night.

My daughter and I were sitting out in the front yard chatting away when she heard something. She mentioned she thought it sounded like another animal- so I wandered back to the tree just to check and see if I saw another one sitting there- or maybe the momma was there or something. As I stared at the tree and scanned the branches- I saw something fall out of the corner of my eye. You guessed it. Another baby raccoon. I called the rescue group to see what they wanted me to do. And on a Sunday evening,  a volunteer came out and picked this little one up.

They were pretty concerned because they realized it had been 2 days since the other one was found which meant this one likely hadn't eaten in as long. They think something happened to their mom because raccoons are very attentive moms and wouldn't usually leave their babies like that. This one was very shaky and too weak to stand but spunky. And good news- they said the other one was recovering just fine and this one would join its sibling and be raised and released together.

Side note: We have never seen baby raccoons on the property before.  Big ones- yes. They have come to the french doors and stared at us in the evenings haha. But babies- this is a first.

Fruit and flowers & copper

I have been doing table settings overtime the past couple of weeks. With several jobs on the calendar for shoots and some blog posts coming up- I have taken advantage of the set up and have shifted a few things and shot a different look several times.

A new styling that is coming your way involves copper, citrus and blush blooms. And I might be obsessed.

Reclaimed Oak Deliciousness

Yes, I said deliciousness and reclaimed oak in the same sentence. I know it isn't a food. And no I haven't sampled it to see if oak wood actually tastes delicious. I am talking patina that you just want to eat up. That is so yummy it makes you crave more.

My middle guy came over last week to help with a few projects we had on the agenda - and one was to give the farmhouse table that old wood top I had been waiting for.
You might remember I found a pile of crusty, weathered and Fabulous old chunky oak boards at the Re-Store. And they are perfection. Will share the reveal shortly- but this sneak peek has already knocked my socks off.

Hitting the trail

A couple things I am always asked about- Shakeology and jogging. Two things I crave daily- and love. I know I have mentioned shakes before- and have answered private notes about them but  recently I have kind of upped the game a bit with superfood nutrition and exercise. All that sitting on my booty for various things recently has left me feeling a bit less than I would like.  Though I have been jogging- I just haven't had the time to really push myself like I normally would and I am the type of person who literally needs to burn that extra energy off or I tend to become a mess. (just ask my husband!)

 So, I am focusing on getting back to that balance so that I am more centered. I will talk a bit about it at some point. I know many of you struggle with similar and I feel like sharing what has worked for me might be helpful.

A beautiful mess

On the coffee table, a few of the books on repeat at the moment- and Ia m going to be sharing a bit more about several of these and some that are tucked underneath others that you can't see. Because, when you find favorites that inspire- you simply have to share.

Coming your way

All about the vegetarian 'egg slut' sandwich.

My husband is obsessed with recreating recipes. And while we were in Vegas, there was a restaurant inside the Cosmopolitan that he ran down to one morning that completely spoke his egg loving language. It was called Egg Slut. I guess it is a chain of sorts- but it was his first time there.
And he ordered a simple vegetarian breakfast sandwich that he loved so much- he recreated.
I have shared on IG stories- and yes, the recipe is coming your way.

Also, that Restoration Hardware look chair for MUCH less- yes indeed. Sharing all the details tomorrow.

And stay tuned for something fun for you- you won't want to miss.
In just a few short weeks- I am going to be sharing ALL the fun planned for the behind the scenes of my book- and the launch - and it is all good for you!
Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter and posts so you don't miss any of the details.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


  1. Courtney This morning went to Whole Foods and found beautiful peonies. They are my favorites. I live in Florida so we don't usually have them here. The scent is amazing and I thought of you and all the delicious photos of them you have shared.

    1. So fun Dianne- you are so sweet!! I am so glad you found some peonies and are enjoying them! xo

  2. We live in a small town and have a big tree in our backyard. One evening we saw a little head poke out way up. In the end there were 4 raccoon babies. We could not catch them (fast little buggers) so we fed them until we could actually trap them. They were pretty big but we took them to a lady who trains them to live in the wild and releases them. They loved bananas and marshmallows and grew nice and fat. We have also had opossums; something about our yard!! Love your site!

    1. Aww they sound so cute! These were so small- but I wanted to pick them up! They were adorable and just needed some love! These two couldn't even walk they were so weak - I was glad to hear that they were doing well and would be released together. :)

  3. Courtney, I love your site. My son is a floral director for a large company. He is always bringing me flowers but I never had peonies. When I saw them in your beautiful pictures, I knew I had to have some. There is nothing like their fragrance. I have a beautiful backyard and desperately want a bush. I can't imagine having a wonderful tall plant. The bushes that were supposed to be coming were burned, so I am patiently waiting. Thank you for sharing your love of this wonderful flower. I shall have a peony bush, it's a must.

  4. Antoinette
    Courtney, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site !!! growing up in a lovely home with a beautiful backyard.
    My Dad loved flowers, especially peonies and roses. The backyard was square ,on three sides of the yard
    `he had peonies and roses all a long the outer sides ,with a gazebo in the center of the yard.