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Faded floral pillows

Sometimes you find the perfect vintage fabric
for making the perfect pillows.

And sometimes, you find fabric with a secret.

Something you might not know about me? I can sew- but I am not a if the pattern is simple- even better.

I ordered the most beautiful floral fabric recently to sew some pretty pillows-with coral, gorgeous greens and loads of yummy vintage style florals- I fell for it the first time I saw it.
And when that roll of fabric arrived- I fell in love again... and did a complete turnaround on my original design.

You see, that bold and beautiful was exactly that... bold and beautiful.
And the opposite side was a faded, vintage dream.

So I sewed them inside out. Well not really. But you know what I mean.
Basically, you just reverse the fabric when sewing the pillows-to use the other side of it on the outside.

One, two, three and four- and they were done. Perfect on the bed in the cottage for adding that subtle washed 1000 times faded floral charm.

So which side fits your home and personality better? Bold or faded?

This fabric is Charlotte Moss Osanna  from Calico Corners if you are looking for similar.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*not sponsored- just sharing the details!


  1. Love the headboard of the bed with the faded pillows. Is it new that u can buy in a store?

  2. I love both sides of the fabric! I do love your faded pillows, their so pretty. Hugs,

    1. Love, love, LOVE the faded pillows. Brilliant!!

  3. The pillows are amazing! Love the faded! The Calico Corners fabric isn't quite right-where can we get the exact fabric you used? Thanks so much for all your BEAUTIFUL ideas!! A.

  4. That is perfect, Courtney! I love faded floral, but it’s so hard to find here in the states! That was a clever idea you had. Those pillows are perfect!!

  5. What a Great idea! Love that Vintage faded look!!!!!!
    ~Diane M.

  6. I can’t believe that I’m saying this but I love the bold! Beautiful fabric!

  7. I love the bold but for the bedroom you found the perfect solution. The faded looks so stylish.

  8. Love the pillows, the faded side fits my style, awesome job.

  9. Love the faded side.

  10. Love the headboard as well, I love both side of the fabric, but I think I like the faded best,

  11. I love to sew....but only when I'm in the mood. lol Genius idea on turning it inside out. I love it as well. I think I need to make a trip to the fabric store. ;)

  12. You're a genius! I find a lot of floral fabric when I'm thrifting but it's never quite right. I'll remember to check out the back from now on.

  13. Love that faded look, I am not a bold and bright lover of accessories in the bedroom, more of the
    neutral, faded, soft stuff

  14. Courtney - I love both. Probably I would select bold for my white wicker chairs on my front porch. One would notice them. But, I am so with you on the faded, I love that they look like someone has loved them and perhaps, they could tell a story.

  15. Well, that was smart! Depending on the day, I'd choose one over the other. Today, it's faded all the way! :)

  16. Absolutely brilliant!

  17. How about making one side of the pillow with the faded look and the other side with the fabric bright side out… then you wouldn't have to re-sew should you change your mind and want to use the bold print on occasion.