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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week .

This holiday week was full of fun and a bit of work on projects over here- and a whole lot of playing with Cleo time.

Truckee River Ride

My husband and I loaded up our bikes for a trip up to Tahoe this week. A road trip, a bike ride and a few quiet moments soaking up the beauty of the lake was perfect after a bit of busy.
We started out riding near Alpine Meadows - and enjoyed watching all the rafters floating along the slow river as we made our way up to Tahoe.


We paused for a bit at the lake to  soak up the magic that Tahoe is and then headed on back down the hill to wrap up other business in the area.

I am pretty sure next time I need to load up a beach bike for a few inspired photos as well.

Re-design planning

I am not one to constantly redecorate or redesign everything constantly. But I do like a fresh perspective here and there. With pillows or new bedding or a piece of furniture that takes a room from fabulous to even more fabulous.

We are currently in process of revamping the cottage. Fresh paint, a few tweaks to the existing layout and a few furniture changes are on the agenda. And even developing a dedicated patio area.
I will be sharing some of what I am thinking and dreaming up design wise soon- but it isn't going to be a snap your fingers change. With lots of various projects on the agenda- (ahem that diamond glass door and those marble fireplaces) we are tackling one project at a time. But basically- out with much of the pieces that have made me crazy for awhile now- and in with 'new' old pieces that I have been collecting.

Cleo and Ivy

Lots of fun with two of my grand dogs yesterday. My son and his girlfriend brought Ivy over to meet Cleo- and they ran around the house like wild dachshunds playing together.

 Sweet Pea is not a fan of Cleo yet... that puppy energy might be a bit much for her. But we did see a wee little bit of tail wagging going on yesterday when Cleo tried to give her a kiss- so maybe they will become friends yet.

Bella Bedding

I worked on photographing a few things for one of the companies I work with this week. And it happened to be beautiful bedding was on the shoot list. Layers of gorgeous velvets, ruffles and linen perfection were on the agenda.  I loved the soft neutrals- and of course, the delicate details.

This week:

This week is all about behind the scenes and some of what I have been working on that I haven't delved into over here. And as well- I am sharing something on the personal side- and something on the exciting side.

And yes, those pillows- because with the busy of last week... that post didn't get up.
Stay tuned and happy July everyone.


  1. Sounds like a busy week and an exciting one ahead! That bed. Oh, it is so beautiful.

  2. I love getting your perspective on things. I may be a whiz in the kitchen but when it comes to decorating ideas I'm bleh!!! We are moving and hopefully we've found our house -- inspection today. If all goes well, I'll be poring over your posts with a fine tooth comb. Can't wait to see what you do to the patio. We love our outdoor space.

  3. So exciting, I can't wait for the details.

  4. Have you ever done a post on your whole master bath? I see glimpses of it, and the beautiful vanity/sinks, but haven't seen a whole reveal. We are just starting our master bath renovation and would love to see the bigger picture. You have impeccable taste.

  5. That velvet, linen and ruffles photo shoot has me intrigued, loving that look. And those “faded” pillows are so pretty. What fun the biking must have been.

  6. Hope you're going to tell us more about those pillows. Thanks for the inspiration. Swoon!