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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend.

It has been one of those chock full weeks over here full of inspiration, travel and fun and a few projects finally breaking ground- and something exciting.

Here is a re-cap of the week that was and a look to the week ahead.

Las Vegas Market, Baby

Las Vegas Market is one of my favorites. Always. I love how easy it is to navigate- and how much inspiration it provides. I arrived on Sunday morning and got right to work wandering through all the showrooms and snapping what inspired me.  I was working with the market as a  #viewonvegas style spotter - love love love these metal lights.

And also worked with them as a speaker this summer.

In the afternoon, I moderated a panel discussion in the Pavilions about Antiques & Design Trends.

So much fun and I will share my top favorites in a post soon.

Home again, home again

I got back home on Wednesday and hit the ground running with projects. We have some outdoor projects that are in the works- the wild flowers tossed seed garden gave us a run for our money this season and we ended up having to trim most of it down to nothing.  So a garden revamp planning is happening. And a few fun projects on the house that are finally being tended to. One of which I can hardly wait for- stay tuned in about 2 weeks.

Table Top Dreaming Giveaway

In case you missed it- you have just 1 more day to enter the Arte Italica $500 gc giveaway. They have 3 winners they will be choosing- 2 Bella Bianca platters and 1 grand prize winner for the gc. You don't want to miss it- their table top pieces are my absolute favorites and I use them all.the.time.

You can find details to enter HERE

Road Trip to a Castle

A castle in California? Yes, indeed. I took a road trip through fields and vineyards and lots of barn and cattle country this week. My daughter was with a few friends working on a project that was basically, in the middle of nowhere. I had never been to this part of California in as long as I have lived here- but had heard about a majestic 'castle' that kind of rises up out of nothing- so had to check it out. And yes indeed- it did just that.

Wow. I guess it is state property but was once a boys detention facility from what I heard. And yes, the minute you left the property- kind of in the middle of nowhere again.

Smokey Skies

The fires are so bad in northern California again. The skies have been dazzling us with an orange sun some of the mornings

and lots of orange at sunset- but sadly, it isn't just the beautiful colors of  nature and the sunrise and sunset- the colors are so intense because of the smoke that is pushing across the state.

I snapped this photo of the way from the valley (near the castle) but what you don't get with it is the smoke smell that is there as well.  When we flew back in on Wednesday - you could see that the air was so thick and smokey above California.  Praying they get the fires out soon and that everyone stays safe.

A new project

Yes, I am working on a new project behind the scenes.

It might involve beautiful backdrops and pretty blooms and lots of inspiration. Like this bicycle photo snap from spring that is a favorite.

Something crazy happened

This is crazy folks. CRAZY.  My book has already been a #1 New Release and a #1 Best Seller for the second time this week- and has stayed there all week this time.
And it isn't even released yet.

And that is because of you and your shares and orders- I cannot thank you enough.

And we are almost there... can you believe that we are just 9 days from the official release date?  Amazon has the book with a coupon available to use right now - if you were waiting for a better price-and you will get your book first when it releases.
You can order here.

Coming your way soon

I will be sharing the simple steps to hanging those twinkle lights above the table outside
and the how- to on building a teepee out of sticks- and that garland out of dried flowers.
And I have a post all about your most asked questions coming your way too- along with some random facts about me. I am also planning on doing a FB live sharing a bit about one of the behind the scenes in my book- and showing you a few pages you haven't seen before.


Tomorrow the Arte Italica giveaway wraps up- but another giveaway is coming your way.
Tomorrow afternoon.
And you will LOVE it. I cannot wait to share.
Hint: it has something to do with something pretty in my kitchen!

Happy weekend everyone


  1. your link to the giveaway doesn't work

  2. That arte italica dinnerware is gorgeous, especially the Finezza pattern you show. Enjoyed your blog post this week with Fall(??!!) decor , my favorite, the mantle with white pumpkins, gomphrena and dried roses.
    xo Pat

  3. Congrats and so much to look forward too!!

  4. Wonderful post. I am excited to see what you are working on next.