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French Country Fridays- Rustic Autumn Mantel

Rustic and natural for autumn in always a good thing.

And one of my favorite mantel stylings has a mix and mingle of those two elements. 
Grapevine pumpkins and loads of eucalyptus are a simple and charming way to decorate a mantel.
Add a few pinecones in the firebox and a couple of gilded frames for a touch of glam- and  voila.

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  1. Your mantel looks beautiful Courtney! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. So gorgeous! Love your natural look!

  3. Love the chair full of velvet pumpkins!

  4. It was so exciting to meet you today at your book signing at Patina Farm! Magical! Enjoying your beautiful book as we drive back to Phoenix. So.....where did you get the tree on page 213? Is it real or artificial? If artificial, is it strong enough to hold lots of ornaments?

    1. Hi Janie!! It was wonderful to meet you both too!!! Thank you so much for coming all the way from Phoenix!! The tree is faux and from Balsam Hill- one of my favorites!! The branches are light- but do hold a lot of ornaments- some of these are the super heavy mercury glass ones and it is doing just fine. I believe the tree comes in 3 sizes too. :)