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Weekend View

Happy Sunday everyone.

It is that weekend view, this and that and everything rolled into one time.
This weekend, it is about feeling fall-ish, pumpkins, book signings and a spill.


Yes, indeed... pumpkins are in the house. Not too many this year... but just enough to bring that touch of autumn cozy. I have been working ahead- snapping early autumn photos without any pumpkins and then adding a few in there and there since I found them.

You will be seeing a sprinkle of fall in the living room this week-stay tuned for that.

Feeling Fall-ish

There has been a definite chill in the early mornings the air the past week- and we have even burned a bit of cardboard to chase that chill away. September and October are always such pretty months. Though the gardens are long dried up from the hot, hot, hot we have had in August- the leaves are on the trees yet and the warm days and ever so slightly crisp nights are perfect for outdoor projects. 
This year- we are in process of redoing a ton of landscaping to be more year round friendly. Some of the wildflower areas did not do well this year- so time for a revamp. Think lots of boxwood and lavender going in again. 

A spill

Several of you have asked for an update after my post on IG about my tumble last weekend. 
Last weekend, I went out for my morning run as usual and had a great time until my ankle rolled while running downhill on a hill I run down 
I stumbled to catch my footing for a few feet before landing on my shoulder and sliding in the gravel. Among the usual spots like palms of your hands and knees being skinned up-my sunglasses broke and I cut my face in 2 spots- as well as road rashed up my shoulder pretty good.  And that ankle.... well, it has been wrapped and elevated and is probably the worst twist I have had in years.  Thankfully, the damage was not worse. My face is mostly healed already and I can walk on my ankle - not swiftly and no running- but moving around. And my shoulder... well, it has healed over with a gross scab- and the itchy rash around it is the worst part.
I believe I am allergic to either the Neosporin or latex in the bandaids.
Fun stuff.

Book signings 

A couple more confirmed books signings- I have 2 on the calendar for Round Top Texas- 

The first is with my friend KariAnne at  Anita CedarHill Farmhouse booth in Blue Hills from 2-4 on Tuesday the 2nd of October.

The next is at Old Glory Antiques from 5-7 on Tuesday the 2nd of October. 

Find my book here and if you are going to Round Top and will be in the area- 
would love to meet you!

Coming your way :
all about the Patina Farm book event
Vintage treasures that just arrived
Living room decor for autumn
Simple mantel styling ideas 
Velvet pumpkin vignette
and more

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. How fun. I'd love to get down there to meet you. Congratulations on your book. Karianne is a sweet heart.

  2. Have ur book. Unfortunately pre ordered it and didn’t have opportunity for a signed copy. Would love a piece of paper with ur signature I will keep it with the book. Enjoy ur blog and love ur style. If this is possible send msg and I will respond with address

  3. Sorry for your fall and injuries. That hurts! I never used to be allergic to anything but sone bandages and bandaids have done that to my skin now too, especially if you have to wear them a few days. Hope you are healed soon. Have fun in your book signing. Love KariAnne too snd her blog! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Autumn decor.

  4. Oh goodness! Glad you’re on the mend! So glad it wasn’t more serious! Love your blog and all the beautiful images. Hoping to get your book this week! Happy Sunday! 😊😊😊

  5. So sorry to hear about your fall! I pray that you will heal quickly and be back to normal very soon!

  6. I received your book and am enjoying it. I'm perusing the photos and then will start over reading and enjoying the whole book!

  7. So excited! Will be helping a friend at her booth in Warrenton so will definitely come to see two of my fav bloggers in person!!!!

  8. Sorry about your fall. Just a heads up from an old runner, after an injury much like yours. I had to run with my ankle wrapped for over a year. It will need the support!
    It looks like everyone will be at Round Top this year!
    Chris from West Texas

  9. So sorry to hear about your fall. I'm relieved you didn't break your ankle!
    Such a pretty time of year, although here in SoCal we are still fairly warm, the season always arrives a little late for us. I'll be looking forward to seeing your yard updates.

  10. I would have LOVED to have met you and Brooke at Patina Farm. I can't wait to receive my copy of your book because the previews I've seen online are beautiful! I'm sorry about your fall, and I don't know how I missed it on IG, but I hope you're fully recovered soon. Have a lovely week!

  11. I just read this blog post today--I miss a post and find out you fell?? Yikes! Hope you are healing quickly and I am so excited about Patina Farms. Will be driving from Phoenix but so looking forward to getting out of the heat here. Just doing a bit of fall decorating here too~~a bit hard to wrap my head around it while it's 107 degrees out....