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The Biltmore & Balsam Hill & a new collection

Twinkling trees, a wonderful estate set among rolling hills in North Carolina
and lots of inspiration to be found around every corner...
The Biltmore in Asheville did not disappoint
and today I am sharing a glimpse...
A couple weeks ago, I was in High Point
for over a week long full of several events.

The first- being Market and a book signing at Eloquence.
After a red-eye flight that unfortunately was not conducive to sleeping- I arrived at Market
and quickly freshened up before the signing.
It was so wonderful to meet so many of you- you can read more about Eloquence and the signing here

I wrapped up at Market on Sunday with a fun event with HGTV and Surya
and then got ready for a drive through North Carolina to the mountains
and to the Biltmore.

This was my first time in this part of NC as well as to seeing The Biltmore in person.
And... WOW.
It is incredible.

The outside. The inside. The gardens. 
So much beauty around every corner.

I took a ton of photos- and the place is HUGE- so will break this up into 2 posts-
otherwise you might need a couple pots of coffee to get through all the photos. 

Every single room in The Biltmore was dressed amazingly.
Elegant. Refined. and yet- welcoming and warm.

And can we talk about those floors? 

And this hand painted ceiling? 
Seriously amazing. 

This was in the Library. 
That was literally the size of the library in town. 

Another incredible ceiling

Fell in love with this blue wallpaper.

There were trees tucked pretty much everywhere.
This was the servants dining area I believe.

The fireplaces were grand in detail, scale and elegance.

So incredible.

Seriously wanted to wander over and grab a few close ups.
Even from here the details and intricate carvings looked incredible.

They were setting up the many Christmas trees they put up for the season while we were there.
And this one was in a bedroom- my kind of house. :)

Each of the bedrooms we saw were dressed impeccably. 
This one is gorgeous red velvet with a canopy and detailed embroidery.
And can we talk about that ceiling height? 

And - I discovered why the maid and butler have not been in our house in so long.
I am clearly missing the buttons to give them a call and request them. 
In all seriousness though- how awesome is that?
Definitely need these buttons.

In the basement- which did not look like a basement at all

A bowling alley
and a swimming pool. 

I am pretty sure our basement needs a pool...putting that on the project list.

We were at the Biltmore to do more than just drool as we wandered
we were there with Balsam Hill to celebrate a new partnership
with them.

The new Biltmore by Balsam Hill collection.

It has a signature tree and ornaments collection
and folks... it is INCREDIBLE.

This is the tree I decorated using the new Biltmore collection

Much closer look coming soon- and you can 
shop the look here:

And stay tuned for another fun share with Balsam Hill coming your way soon about the tree close up
AND a post all about the architectural details
and gardens at The Biltmore

Because, they did not disappoint either. SO. PRETTY.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Welcome to North Carolina! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed your visit to Biltmore. It's a state treasure.

  2. I love the Biltmore and can never go and drool enough! Glad you got to be part of this Mansion. I live in North Carolina and have seen the Grand Christmas is spectacular!! On another note, I hate I could not go to Market this year to talk with you! Maybe next year! Nancy Brantley

  3. I visited the Biltmore in May of 2017. It had been on my bucket list for years. I also wanted to visit Sierra Nevada Brewery in Asheville, because my son works for Sierra Nevada in Chico. The area around the Biltmore is beautiful in the Spring and I can picture the trees in the fall are outstanding. We were on a girls trip and enjoyed tea and an overnight stay at Chapel Hill before going to Charleston, SC. A memorable trip for My sister, my daughter, my niece and me. I love your photos. I loved the swimming pool. It had not steps to get out of the pool and it looks spooky....
    Thanks for sharing the Biltmore.

  4. I think coffee and reading your posts all morning sounds perfect to me :) Can't wait to see your next post!

  5. Biltmore at Christmas is over the top!!! HUGE Christmas tree in the dinning room was amazing. Lunch at The Stable was superb! Everyone needs to go at least once during Christmas!!A mini-Biltmore is located in Tate, Ga...The Tate House. Home is built entirely of marble. Their Christmas Tour and Lunch/Dinner is unbelievable. But I do love the opulence of the Biltmore House!

  6. We truly love the Biltmore Estate.....we have been there many, many times and never tire of it...we seem to discover something that we had never noticed before on each trip. We had gone there so often that we became year long ticket holders!....My favorite time is at Christmas...especially the evening tour...So glad that you had the opportunity to visit this amazing estate of such grand history. Yes, the drive to the Biltmore is incredibly beautiful...especially in the Fall.