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Sprinkling a bit of Christmas in the Kitchen

Can you believe it is already November 7th?

Christmas is just around the corner.
I do have some trees up already... though not fully decorated yet I am sharing a peek at the kitchen with a sprinkle of Christmas...
and a confession.

In the kitchen...
there are lush greens and a delightful gathered bunch of juniper branches
along with the most delicious pumpkin roll 
and a bowl of nuts 
just waiting to be enjoyed.

And lots of pretty copper gleaming away after being polished

and even some pretty little ornaments and vintage silver flatware waiting to be used.

So how about that confession?
Well.. this is not actually the Christmas kitchen. 
You see, it is more of a Christmas before Thanksgiving Christmas kitchen
 Because the fresh greens, flowers, garlands 
and holiday stuff that was supposed to be here?


So, what do you do when you have one of your favorite groups of bloggers are all getting ready to share all our Christmas kitchens together ... and yours is running behind...
Well, you improvise.
Kind of like how if someone shows up for tea unexpectedly... and brings 3 of their closest friends
and you casually grab this and that from from the fridge, warm up a loaf of bread and basically scramble to find something delicious to serve them.

This kitchen styling is kind of the same way.

I started with copper- because I kind of think you can't go wrong with copper
on repeat every. season - but especially for fall and winter.
And with some fresh clipped junipers?
This juniper swag was so simple to make
and though I am thinking a wreath in this spot
A simple gathered bough that is tied with a ribbon is kind of lovely here too.

One side note: Fresh juniper does like to drop those little silver beads and needles
so just know - there will be some upkeep on the counter if using it.

The flowers were a mish- mash of what was in the local grocery store.
And I have to tell you - this Kalanchoe is looking pretty incredible mixed with that fresh eucalyptus
Not a usual flower I would bring home- but it works perfectly and looks quite similar 
to Sedum Autumn Joy.

Of course...nibbles are a perfect way to warm up a room in a pinch.
This is a pumpkin roll with a bit of cream cheese icing and fresh orange accent. 
Pretty and delicious. 

With the rosemary garnish - it kind of has a bit of a Christmas feel...
but again- this is the Christmas before Thanksgiving Christmas Kitchen.
haha - so stay tuned for another peek in a few weeks.

And don't miss any of my friends sharing a peek at their kitchens dressed for Christmas 

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Happy Wednesday everyone! 


  1. Courtney, your kitchen is perfect;y inviting anytime! I love the glow of copper all year long and feel fortunate to live with gleaming copper inour kitchen and other rooms in our home. My husband was a collector of copper before we married, and I have done nothing but encourage that passion for the 43 years we've been married. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring your readers. Happy November!

  2. Hello, I'm new to your lovely blog. We live in a prairie-syle cottage and unfortunately have very little counter space for flowers. But your juniper swag inspires me. Thank you!

  3. Love this, not screaming Christmas yet. I love Thanksgiving and all it's beauty also. Thank you

  4. Love your kitchen. What do you use to polish your copper with? Thanks!

  5. Everything you do is so pretty. And now you've made me want to make a pumpkin roll! Yum!

  6. I'd like my kitchen to look like this pretty much all the time. Especially all that copper!