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Weekend View

Happy Sunday everyone.

photo courtesy of Shabby Chic

I hope your weekend has been a wonderful one so far.

This weekend, the Sunday recap is all about fun.

Giving Back

I started the weekend off with an early morning flight to L.A. for a charity party with my Lamps Plus family.  Lamps Plus CMO hosted a wonderful event with Pen and Napkin- which is a wonderful non -profit in L.A.  Pen & Napkin help families transition from homelessness into homes- by helping them to furnish their houses with items they need to give them  good start as they start to a new chapter.

I love that Lamps Plus is so involved in this charity and meeting one of the families who have been helped and hearing the impact it had on them was wonderful.

Signing Books & Giving back

On Saturday,  I was at Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic beautiful store in Santa Monica for a book signing and celebration with Rachel. 

It was such a fun day chatting with and meeting so many who came over to shop. Rachel is not only a huge inspiration for me- but she is also a friend and is such a treasure. Always gracious and kind and down to earth.

She is also giving back with these beautiful pillows. 
All proceeds from the sale of her California Love pillows will be donated to the wildfire victims in California from the recent Camp Fire and Malibu fires.

Gathering Chi

While I was in Santa Monica, I spent some time in the evening sitting on the sand and listening to the waves crashing. With the busy of the holiday season, sometimes just taking a little bit of time to focus your energy is one of the last things you think to do - but what a difference it makes.
 Sitting there was so relaxing and so good for quieting my always a mile a minute mind. 

The next morning, I got up and wandered down and jogged the Santa Monica pier and the beach for a bit before grabbing coffee.  I have missed going on long runs and 
this was the farthest  I have been able to run since that great ankle debacle when my ankle rolled and I had that somewhat nasty spill at the end of September. 
My ankle did feel it that evening... probably mostly from running in the sand - 
but it felt great to be back in the saddle mileage wise.

Bulldog  Sitting

This week we are dog sitting my daughters boyfriends bulldog- this cutie Brauner 

He is a big boy in a house that is used to small dogs - and he has big personality to match. He is pretty relaxed most of the time- and definitely loves to sleep- and thinking we might have to plan a fun photo shoot while he is here. 

Coming your way - the Christmas attic, Christmas greenhouse and some entertaining ideas for the holidays 
As well as a wonderful giveaway for you- and my favorite source for vintage rugs. 
And a recap on the fun day at Shabby Chic and much more. 

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Brauner is so cute!

    I am looking forward to seeing the Christmas attic!

  2. Wonderful and inspiring post! I just received my latest Romantic Homes magazine, and you and Rachel Ashwell were not featured. Has there been a change, or just due to the bustle of the holidays? Thanks....Donna Dowd

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thanks so much! You may have missed when I shared before- resigned in September from Romantic Homes when my book released and Rachel Ashwell decided to go in a different direction at that time as well. I hope that helps clear up any confusion! Have a wonderful holiday!!

  3. Courtney,
    Thanks for the update! I will continue to follow you both, and have your book and all of Rachel’s. Much success to you both. Wish I could travel in your realm! XO Donna

    1. Thanks so much Donna!!! You are so kind- thank you for following along-lots of fun stuff coming in 2019!!! :) Have a wonderful holiday season!! xo

  4. Awww, Brauner is adorable! I am glad your ankle is feeling much better, Courtney. It's sooo hard when we can't get out and exercise as talk about stress relief! :) And I knew the California pillow was a Rachel Ashwell creation as soon as I saw it... It's wonderful that she is giving back to help others. She has a big heart and always seems very gracious that way! Will talk with Hubby and see if he will buy one for me for Christmas. <3

    Enjoy your Christmas season and do keep making time to "just be,"
    Hugs and blessings to you,
    Barb :)