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Vintage floral painted beds in the attic

Sometimes you find an old vintage treasure just waiting to be discovered and fall in love. You can instantly imagine where it will go and how perfect it is for your space.

Like a beautiful vintage floral painted bed frame in the perfect size for a favorite room.
But it actually gets even better...

There were 2 of them.
A pair of matching bed frames.

Can you imagine how quickly I placed these into the cart? I fell pretty hard and pretty fast for these.  I have an affinity for vintage painted pieces wearing their original paint and details. These beds had me at hello.
I was photographing these for a project for Bella Cottage last week-and while I set up and waited for some of the linens to dry and the sun to move a little past the window for the right lighting-
and snapped a few extra photos to share some details with you.

A couple things to note.
The walls are quite short on the sides- it is an attic room.
Which means, I can't put big old tall headboards up here- though it is tall in the center- those charming ceilings slant pretty low on each side.

I wanted something vintage that had the same charm and feeling as the daybed that was up here before- but with more functionality. So either 1 bed in the center or ideally a pair of matching beds for each side of the window.

I happened to be browsing Eloquence one day and there was this beautiful painted bed frame with gorgeous vintage aqua color, painted flowers and carvings with pretty gilt.

And I was in love.

These are antique frames- which means they are not a standard size. 
And yes, that can be a problem for mattresses. 
They are wider than a twin- but not wide enough to be a full. 

So,  I found a mattress on Amazon that was the right size.
It is actually the size for an RV- 2 of them arrived in just a few days- and I have to say- they are actually pretty comfy.

I just ordered matching bedding for them so I will do an updated post when things are all in place- (and not in process of setting up like these photos) including more about that antique rug on the floor and another view that I haven't shared yet.

And can we just talk about this bucket?
A delicious patina and perfect color mingle.

It is a vintage cutie as well.
 I am also working on a couple posts about how to shop craigslist and find treasures- and the best tips I have gotten when shopping antiques. If you have any questions- leave them in the comments or email them to me and I will try to include them and answer.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.


  1. Those beds are fabulous! You are so lucky. Love the bucket too. That color blue is always a keeper! Milena

    1. Beautiful. I never find anything that makes me fall in love like those would. I usually just buy old and paint them. I sure could use some help in finding treasures.


  3. Super heart pitter patter! Love the bucket! I love an attic room...grew up in one!
    Smiles, Alice

  4. Love the color and the way you phtograhed them. Lovely.

  5. What a lovely setting. Sweet dreams made there.CeeCee Mc

  6. Love, love love the beds! and the bucket, too!

  7. Just beautiful, such a wonderful find.

  8. Lovely! Did you order twin or full-sized bedding?

  9. Beds are so beautiful the delicate detail! I love bucket too

  10. Those beds are beautiful. I love shopping for furniture via Craigslist. Our dining room is all Craigslist finds.

  11. Those beds are gorgeous! Love them and the bucket too!

  12. Wow!!! Love it all!!!
    The Madness Of Beautiful Things :-)

  13. The beds are perfect for this space, which is exquisite on its own! I so enjoy your style because it is so gentle, as well as beautiful.

  14. Beautiful beds, Courtney! Glad you found some mattresses that would fit. Long term, RV mattresses aren't all that comfortable (and we have one of the best in our Prairie Home, the 41' fifth-wheel). If need be, Ikea has great mattress toppers which I think we got ours (king) for $275. Smaller ones are less, of course, but adding this has been a lifesaver these past two years!

    Enjoy the new beds. Excited to see how you style them!
    Barb :)

  15. Beautiful! I'm looking forward to tips for finding beauties like these. Specifically, I'm looking for fireplace surrounds, but I love all beautiful things with character and a history!

  16. Beautiful! Would LOVE the Craigslist tips.

  17. Oh I wish I had an attic with those beds!!!!!