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Closet Refresh Planning

Guess what I am working on today?

It involves this room.
 Lots of clothes. Shoes. Linens. And bags of donations getting ready to go off.
 And it involves a little bit of planning.

We are getting ready to refresh one closet and redo another in the next month or so 
and I am SO EXCITED. 

Our master closet is on the small and narrow side.  As with all closets in this house and most older homes- they are not big on square feet or dazzle features like those dream closets of today.

And that is okay. I honestly am not a big clothes horse. I kind of wear the same colors and classic pieces over and over again and have elements that work with those pieces for a fresh look. Though, something I am working on this year is adding in a bit more fashion- so, I am finding inspiration in walking on the wild side when it comes to clothes. And by wild side- I mean clothing other than black and denim. haha. :)

When we spruced up our closet a couple of years ago- we added cedar planks and a few fun closet  elements which made a big difference in the amount of storage we had- and we added a rug cut to size to cover the floor. It was a simple quick and easy update- and it definitely made a difference in how we used the closet and space. But... It was always a bit on the dark side for me. 
And I am ready for a refresh.

 I would love something like the dream closet my friend Rachel  had in her last home 
(cannot wait to see the new one) 

via Pink Peonies

Our space is quite small in comparison - so we are exploring a couple of ideas for expansion- but also ways to incorporate the look of a more luxurious feeling closet.

This is how our closet looks currently -

I'm pinning away and taking cues from dream closets that I love and seeing what might work in an average size walk in closet in an old house. 
Even though the closets I am saving and taking inspiration from are GRAND- there are definite things that I see can work in the smaller spaces as well and I will share more about 
the process once we get started. 
We are also tackling the little cottage bedroom- which is in much need of some better closet and storage solutions.

See all the inspiration saved on my pinterest board here. 
And for those of you who have remodeled a closet recently- any tips? 
Must have storage pieces or elements?
Please share!

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Something light, bright, airy... 

is it even possible in a closet that is this size?

The look and feel I would love are like these inspirations. 


  1. Oh my...a lot of shoes in your friend's closet. I am looking forward to seeing your ideas as my small closet is due for a redo, also. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Rachel's closet is amazing! But Courtney....honestly I wish my closet looked like your before! ;P

    Happy New Year!
    Ricki Jill

  3. Those closets are amazing but in reality, not very common!! I have 2 8' closets side by side with sliding doors and just re organized the whole thing!! What a job!! My clothes are sorted by color and season. If I had money I would change the doors to pull open instead of sliders then you can have hooks on the inside. The one thing I love are the Command hooks and I put them on any available wall on the inside, for belts, scarves, bags, etc. Have fun!!

  4. Courtney,
    All of these ideas are amazing!
    I agree. . .light & bright is the key.
    I have storage cubes for shoes & purses.
    You're on the right track.
    I'll be watching for progress updates!

  5. One of best things I did when redoing my mid size closet was to add 2 valet poles--they allow me to put next days outfit out, hang things while waiting to put them somewhere and air things out or hang to steam them. Cheap and easy for any closet.

  6. Hello my dear friend!
    Lovely closet inspirations! In or old house, there really are no closets! Dearest has his clothes, barely, in the one in our bedroom. We have a built-in dresser off to the side that I use and the rest of the furniture houses all his clothes. He has more than me! ;)
    I have my clothes sorted seasonally and those that need hanging are in a small cedar closet in the white bedroom. Sometimes I dream that we have more rooms in our home...But, overall, I love this old house and all it's beauty...we would probably have to build or take away from one of the rooms to get a decent closet...But, for now it's just the two of us and we're downsizing all our stuff - A LOT- I'm pairing down my clothes too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do - you always do things with beauty and charm!
    Wishing you the best of this weekend!