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Weekend View

Happy weekend.

I have a confession.
I slept in this morning.

I don't generally sleep in too often- maybe on occasion on the weekend... this week was a busy work week-  and we came home with a touch of something trying to take hold so laying low.

Calistoga Staycation

We were over in Calistoga this week for a photo shoot at one of our favorite places to stay for a wine country staycation- The Cottage Grove Inn.

We enjoyed a bit of down time in the evening visiting my brother and his family - my twin nieces are little balls of energy and personality and lots of fun. They were just getting over a bug while we were there so we just relaxed at the house and chatted.


We did take an hour out of the day one of the days there and go for a hike- and the views were incredible. 

Back home

We came home with a touch of a bug. So it has been a bit of quiet couple of days working on some behind the scenes stuff and wrapping up in that chunky throw all cozy by the fire.

I am going to be sharing a post with some tips for creating a cozy winter home that you can also use anytime of the year when you want to add a bit of cozy ambiance. 

Lamps Plus 

A new product page with lots of favorite items that I have curated. Some for getting the look, some that are just insanely great prices and some that I have on my wish list.

You can find the whole list HERE
And stay tuned for a big giveaway with Lamps Plus on French Country Cottage Instagram TOMORROW morning. You won't want to miss it. 

Coming your way:

Ch-ch-ch-changes here on the blog. I am just getting started working on a complete overhaul. It is just the start of a search for the right designer- but I am beyond excited. There are some things that have just never worked right since I updated last time- and I have some ideas of exactly how I would like my blog to look and feel. Any feedback from you is welcome! Just drop me a note: courtney(at)frenchcountrycottage(dot)net 

That post about creating cozy all year long 
Another look at the Amazing line up at Design Bloggers Conference (coming up in just a couple of weeks!) 
Spring book signing news - I am excited to share the dates and locations for the spring tour.
And this week- sharing some simple easy table setting ideas - along with my favorite recipes for Valentines Day. You can read why I tell my husband NOT to buy me roses for Valentines Day here

See you tomorrow for the Lamps Plus giveaway- 
Happy Sunday everyone.

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  1. Looking forward to the post about creating cozy all year long!