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Early garden planning & a Giveaway

Wildflowers, garden roses and sweet peas... and lots of fresh tall grass. Spring is always a favorite time of year- everything is so green and lush and trips to the garden center mean loads of pretty blooms to add to the flower beds.

And it also means cleaning the flower beds, fertilizing everything and mowing the tall grasses and lawn areas.  We are working on getting the garden and yard cleaned up and ready for outdoor living in between all the rain.

It has been such a wet winter in northern California so we are a little behind on some of the clean up and planting. It has been so stormy and rainy over the past couple days and it was raining again as I was out taking photos.

When we do get out and get started on the spring yard work- after raking up all the oak tree leaves (that are everywhere) we start with tossing a few lawn seeds in any bare patches - we have a wee gopher friend who loves the lawn so we always have a few patches that need a little help.
Up next is fertilizing and feeding the lawn areas- and then give them a small trim to encourage them to grow.

And something we are super excited about using this year - this lawn mower from Greenworks.

This mower is a game changer folks-  for several reasons.

Something you might not know about our property- our house sits on several acres of land.
It is mostly rolling meadow type property with more natural lawn in the front and back and then some thick tree areas in the back- back - behind the hammock and Sweet Pea.

Which is quite a bit of mowing to tackle them all and it is quite the distance from the house to tackle them all as well. So electric mowers would require several extension cords to reach all the areas- and
we aren't fans of gas powered mowers- too much smoke & noise. Plus, we like green living over here.

And not only is this mower green- it is also 'green' by being battery operated and running clean.
And- it is incredibly quiet- here it is in action:

AND it is Kita approved.


We met this sweet girl while we were at Lowe's and chatting mowers with her owner.

Greenhouse Area

The next area we are doing a big redo on is the greenhouse garden.
We are planting seeds for wildflowers and several new boxwoods and lavenders. Last year the garden didn't grow in as well as the year before- we aren't sure what happened. So starting fresh with a few things here- and keeping fingers crossed that the wisteria on the greenhouse will bud generously and bloom this year as well.

Something easy for clean up in flower beds like these? Leaf blowers. And yes- my husband grabbed a Greenworks blower to use here.

He loves it- and I love that the batteries are interchangeable on both (and 23 more tools) which means just one charger and does the job.

Front garden beds

We are actually removing a few things in the front garden beds this year. The picket fence and garden arbor are being replaced- and in the process, several of the larger unruly plants will be trimmed way back. One thing we are keeping are the sweet peas that grow wild all over our property. We have had so much rain and not enough sun this year so far- so everything seems to be a little late blooming and growing this year.

Once we get some of our California sunshine back in the forecast and the gardens and lawn starts growing in - I will share more about what we are planting and how they are coming together.

And something fun for you to help you get a head start on your gardening- And to celebrate spring and planting, Greenworks Tools is giving away three $300 gift certificates to Lowe’s over on Instagram.

Here are the details on how to enter:
To enter, click over to the Greenworks tools Instagram & follow them.

Then ‘like’ the giveaway image (similar to the above image)

Want more chances to win? Simply tag a friend in their Instagram post. Every friend you tag gains you another entry- so tag as many as you want for more chances for you.

The contest winners will be picked on 3/29 at 3 pm EST.
Tag as many as you want until then.
Good luck-and I can’t wait to share more with you about these fun tools.

Be sure to check out the Greenworks tools in person at your local Lowes too.

Happy garden planning!

*disclosure- I partnered with my friends at Greenworks to share our new tools with you- but all opinions and love of them are my own.


  1. Don't worry about being behind...some still have snow on the ground.

  2. Love how my freestyle English (aka French Country Cottage) butterfly, hummingbird garden is in full bloom. Gorgeous yellow finches, Ruby throated humming birds And a juvenile female painted bunting bring so much joy. You may think I'm crazy, Actually sing to me and I sing back in a strange duet. (I still hope to find wisteria that will thrive here ever since I saw yours.)

  3. I can’t imagine how beautiful your property is. My hubby is currently in the process of replacing all our yard tools with battery operated tools. Just ordered a new battery operated chain saw. His new toy. Great giveaway!!