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The Best Place to find Copper Pots and Pans

Do you know how sometimes you walk into a store and find something you weren't looking for
but that you have to have because it fits perfectly with you, 
your decor, your home, your style
your everything?

It happens.

And it happened again recently.

I walked into HomeGoods
and something jumped into my cart.
Just like a cat hops up on the counter.
It was a shiny treasure- that instantly caught my eye. 
A perfect mix of favorite brass and copper details.
And you guessed it- it had personality galore.

After it landed in my cart- I stared at it for a few seconds and listened to it 
as it whispered sweet nothings...
and I saw that it was a copper fish poacher with a brass fish on top 
 that was batting it's pretty little eyes at me.

I shook my head
 as I explained that I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years
and I don't NEED a copper fish pan. 
I don't eat fish. 
And I don't need more copper.

And it laughed at me.

Like the falling over and landing on the floor kind of 

Of course, I knew it was laughing because even as I said 

I don't need any more copper and definitely not a fish poacher....

I was flipping it over to see the price.

I made a bit of a face as that copper laughed at me as I saw the price.
It was like 
'What did I tell you? And you thought you didn't need me... HA.'

So, I smiled and said whatever under my breath 
and brought that little chatty fish & copper pan home with me.

I knew the copper was on clearance because it looked a bit tarnished and had a 
few scratches on the bottom.
The inside was clean - so it likely wasn't used- 
maybe just displayed.


And so, when I went to polish it up- I peeled back the clearance tag just to see what it said...

Compare to $357.
Original price at HomeGoods $249.
Clearance price $69.

Seriously. A STEAL of a price.

I polished it up with CopperBrill and it looks good as new.

And did you know that HomeGoods and TJMaxx 
are both some of my favorite sources for copper?

This is another example from  TJMaxx. 
Another slightly tarnished & scratched piece- marked at a discount.
This was before polishing was done- but it polished with just a little work.

My best tips for finding copper while shopping there-

Of course scour the housewares/cookware aisle- 
there are often clearance pieces mixed in with the everyday priced pieces.

Check the clearance aisle too
this fish poacher was stacked up with a bunch of aluminum pots and pans
in the clearance section.

And don't forget the .com- TJMAXX .com has a TON of great finds.

I have picked up several pieces of French and Italian copper there at incredible prices.
And even if something is tarnished- bring it home! 
Tarnished copper is just as beautiful as polished and if you want polished- polish it up.

That discounted price because the copper isn't gleaming or perfect 
is like a voice convincing you to bring yet another piece home. 
I know that voice well. 

What do you think of this cute new addition to my copper collection?
Would you have brought it home too?


  1. That is exactly what happens to me when I walk into HG or TJ Maxx, or Marshall's for that matter!

  2. And here I thought I was the only weirdo that heard voices from sale items. Those items not only call my name but I am lassoed and dragged to them, (against my feeble will, of course), lol. Love your finds.

  3. Awesome tips, well worth the price simply for a bit of tarnish - beautiful! I'll be on the lookout! Have an awesome week!

  4. Yes I would have brought it home too! What a great piece you have found! And yes, HG or TJ Maxx are definitely places for bargains!
    Have a good evening,

  5. I've seen and held those beautiful copper pots at Home day it will come home with me. They are a great find.

    1. I love the way you write almost as much as I love how pots speak to you. You made me snicker a bit. Loved it.

  6. I actually get an itch! Then i know i have to go to the thrift/discount/Salvation Army store! That itch has yet to let me down! It's like a divining rod calling me!
    That copper is amazing! Years ago i bought a stock pot by Emmeril at TJ Max for 20. It was a second, took me weeks to find the flaw! I guess at 350 it had to be perfect. Still have, 18 yrs later.

  7. I love it Courtney. You scored!!! When you spoke of how it talked to you all I can envision is that talking fish on the plaque that would sing “take me to the river!” Enjoy your treasure!

  8. The few pieces I have came from Home Goods and estate sales. I look for copper on every single trip to Home Goods!

    What a great find!

  9. Isn't it amazing how often items actually talk to you in stores? I'm over here obsessing over your fish poacher and your stock pot and all you other beautiful copper. I don't have either a TJMaxx or a Home Goods locally but I'm definitely going to start frequenting the ones I have about an hour away!