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Weekend View

Happy Sunday everyone.

A quiet weekend here playing catch up and listening to the rain falling outside. 
After the busy of the conference and travel, soaking up some quiet moments while working from the sofa has been pretty good. And this week- the weekend view is all about that. Quiet time, Inspiration, Conference notes and baby steps.

Design Influencers Conference 

I have been doing a bit of reflecting after Design Influencers Conference. There were quite a few little tidbits that resonated with me. In relation to writing, relationships and everyday life.
As always- so much good stuff to be absorbed. I loved seeing so many friends and meeting so many new ones. And the conversations were wonderful- along with the speakers. 

This sweet lady in this photo with me is Mitzi Beach and she just wrote a book all about design and lifestyle as you get older. She is a treasure and I know her book will be incredible.

As for the rest of the conference- there was some interesting things and perspectives. And actually something that happened on social media while there that was so timely to the conversation and talk about 'being yourself'. I will share with you in the next week or so.

Spring Book Signings

While at the conference- I did a book signing and I have to say- I met so many wonderful lovely people who came by and said hello. 

I had so much fun talking about the story of the house, the blog and the book and how they all intertwine. About the first time we saw this house and I felt it was doing its best to straighten its walls and stand up so we could see that it had potential. And how so many of you resonated with that feeling in older, forgotten homes.

Coming your way- a line up for spring signings and talks- and some really fun stuff in the works that I am excited to share as details are finalized.

Speaking of the book...

Of course, if you are new here and didn't know I have a book out or just haven't gotten your copy yet- you can find them Here or find signed copies in my shop.  And you are always welcome to bring your copy to a signing as well. 

Working on it

I have been working on losing a few extra lbs and getting back into better shape recently. 
That rolled ankle while running did a number on my fitness routine- and on my mental health too.
 I usually run to burn off some of those extra 'anxious' feelings that can build up.
So not running that off for 6 months? Well, you can imagine. 
 Being a vegetarian- a lot of the most popular diets are not going to work for me. 
Food wise- or belief wise.  I recently tried a modified version of one of them- it made me feel absolutely terrible. And I could not get behind the thinking that the food that you could eat vs the food you couldn't on this plan was right- especially with how I have been eating for about 25 years.
SO.... back to my oldest and the training app - and what I am doing.
You might already know my oldest is a personal trainer via an app he created. He trains a lot of men and women for contest prep and then us everyday want to get in shape folks. 
A lot of you have seen me posting exercise and fitness stuff on IG stories and asked about what I am doing, how it is going, etc.  So- an update.
(not a selfie person- but I can add a photo if you would like to see where I am at currently) 
Since my ankle injury and not running-
 I have been walking and hiking about 5-7 miles almost daily
and when I am not doing that - I do an indoor workout on the app.  
Which was great because I actually did the workout while traveling in the hotel room and then 'ran' the flights of stairs to my room after going out to get my morning coffee for a little extra boost.
And incidentally, I wore heels for 2 days straight at the conference- which was not possible as recent as December- so you just never know...  my ankle just.might.finally. be getting back to normal.  


 I am a big believer in ambiance, candles, inspiration and inspired living. 

After looking closely at some of the things that really resonated with me at the conference- I am sitting with more than just a few thoughts and letting them simmer a bit- while taking baby steps. You know I am a huge fan of baby stepping... and of stepping out of the forest.
The past 2 years have been so big for changes in career and directions for French Country Cottage and while sometimes that can leave you feeling a little spinny- it also leaves you inspired by the whole big world of possibilities.

Coming up

A table setting that was inspired by a little quiet grove in the countryside

My favorite French style chandeliers
and a new look in the dining room

Simple ideas for storing and displaying favorite collections

My favorite ways to add cottage style charm to your home

A little bit personal post coming your way

And a question... 
what would you like a post on?
I get notes all the time with requests or questions- and they are so helpful in knowing what you are interested in reading or learning about.
If you have a topic or burning question- send it my way.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Courtney why did Romantic homes cease publication? It is so disappointing. Soon there will be no magazines left.So sad!!!

    1. I am not sure. I resigned at the end of September -and they were shooting several pieces for issues in 2019 already at that point so not sure what changed.

  2. Since you asked😊, I would love to see a post that shows a little more of your entire rooms! You take such beautiful close-ups, and I love them; but, I rarely see an entire room in one picture. I did recently discover your blog, so maybe some of the older ones are different. Or, maybe it's intentional, for privacy purposes, which I completely understand!