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Vintage Zinc Bucket - and where to find one

The other day, I walked into a favorite store- and bumped into something vintage that jumped into my cart. This was not a vintage or antique shop...
 it was just a favorite store to pick up this, that and everything else... 
even something vintage.

It isn't unusual.
To find something vintage you have to have and then bring it home with you. 
Even when you weren't necessarily looking for that exact thing. 

I mean how many times have you found something that you didn't even know you needed?

Or that you needed another of?
 Like this vintage zinc goodness.
Yes I have 2 zinc buckets already... but I knew that I needed another when I saw it.

That old washed and faded metal.
Those chunky handles.
And that vintage goodness.

It was not one of those things I stared at and thought about.
Wrestled with bringing home... or went back and forth on.
It was in.the.cart. in an instant.
I knew it was coming home with me. And the price? 
In the $25 range folks.
Which is a great price for these.
And you aren't going to believe where I found it...


Yes. that favorite retail store full of pillows, decor, furniture, kitchen, you name it all home goods.... including Vintage.

This isn't the first time I have brought vintage home from HomeGoods... 
I have actually picked up several things like stools, old wood crates and even old cobbler shoe forms. 

The items are tagged vintage usually- with something that says 'Vintage One Of a Kind' but you can usually tell that they are not mass produced either way.

I actually styled the whole patio with just a few finds from HomeGoods recently... including that little fluted side table that isn't actually a side table at all... click on over to the  HomeGoods Blog to see more, 

And why did I need a third zinc bucket when I already had 2 of them?
Well.... because... 3 lavender topiaries in zinc buckets is pretty darn amazing.

What is one of your favorite finds at HomeGoods that you didn't know you needed? 

Happy shopping everyone.


  1. amazing, gorgeous, & lovely, I don't see handles like that here in the east, my home goods is 55 min. away sigh!

  2. Love zinc buckets and HOMEGOODS, in fact was there yesterday! There is always something fun in there for the house, the patio, front porch. I didn't see the buckets or one would have been coming home with me too!

  3. I fell in love with Home Goods in St Louis but it was 100 miles away . Sigh. But then they built one in Springfield and yes it's another 100 miles the other direction, my daughter lives there so we go more frequently. Love love love that store and you.

  4. Lovely. Have to share a great patio decorating idea: Since we both love watering cans. You hang one up at a height and tip it so it looks like it's going to pour out water, but... You String inexpensive blue or white lights and at night time it looks like you're watering can Is watering fairy water on tear magical garden. It's not tacky it's actually very lovely

  5. I really like vintage style and your ideas are always inspirational.
    Hugs and greetings from Poland.

  6. Apparently we have gotten the same exact shopping cart while visiting some of these places. I have had things jump into my cart that I didn't know I needed on more than one occasion as well. Loving this bucket though.

  7. Courtney
    Love your blog. A few years ago I got a very large olive bucket from Homegoods with the price tag labeled vintage on the back. That was a blessing Have a Happy Easter