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Weekend View- Happy Easter

Happy weekend everyone.

A simple and short weekend view this holiday weekend.

Spring blooms and photo shoots

Lots on the agenda this week and it involves flowers. So it kind of isn't really like work... because playing with and styling beautiful blooms is always fun.  I have several bunches of spring blooms in the house- lilacs, ranunculus and peonies- and they are so pretty!  I am working ahead on several projects - with a couple chock full months of book signing, travel and print work on the calendar.

Also, for those who asked- this new candle from Eloquence is available for sale now. It is called Parisian Peony. A great way to bring a bit of Eloquence magic into your home!

Greenhouse garden changes

Tomorrow, I will be sharing the new plantings in the greenhouse garden- AND a fun giveaway you won't want to miss.  Hint... it might involve lavender.

And I am working on loading a few new things into my shop so stay tuned for that- and you can also now shop some of my curated finds on Amazon Here.

See you tomorrow for a post about the garden- and a giveaway.

Wishing you a happy Easter.


  1. Happy Easter! Love your posts!!!

  2. I am trying to make the outside of my boring ranch more French farmhouse. I've added some white iron furniture to my porch and some urns to my entry and am ready to go make my own shutters. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.