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A most charming apartment to stay in while in Paris

An apartment filled with charm and ambiance and all things fabulous

And... this view.

I have been in Paris for several days and have been staying in the most wonderful little apartment that overlooks the bustle of the city & has the most lovely view from Every. Window.

I have shared a few sneak peeks of our trip on Instagram and have had so many messages about the apartment we are staying in- I thought I would share a quick peek and more info today- and will delve further into our stay- what to do, where to go, etc.  in Paris in a separate post.

This apartment is AMAZING. Seriously. Amazing.
This is a full apartment- with a kitchen and laundry and views from every room.
The sitting room has three sets of French doors that open to a wrap around balcony.

And there are another two sets in the kitchen and dining areas
and as well as the bedroom.

When we booked our travel several months ago, I knew that I wanted to stay
 somewhere right in the heart of old world charm Paris. And I was familiar with Paris Perfect rentals from seeing them on Instagram. They seemed to have the most amazing apartments, locations and views that we had seen. 

The Champagne Apartment where we stayed was in the 7th arrondissement -
where the corners were dotted with cafes, local restaurants and flower shops galore along with
charming cobblestone streets and the most delicious French buildings that literally had me stopping in my tracks to snap photos around every corner.

It also was so close to landmarks like the iconic Eiffel Tower that was in view from 
every window of the apartment.

And staying with Paris Perfect was exactly that... Perfect.
This view pretty much mesmerized me from morning to night every day.

I started the day sipping coffee 
and watched the Eiffel Tower light up and twinkle at night before going to bed.

We were just a few steps from all the ambiance and charm 
and just a few steps from seeing it up close.

This trip is a mix of work and play

and though I only packed a carry-on and my large carryall bag for the trip
my camera and tripod made the journey across to France from California as well.

One of my first stops was in a little French flower shop. ( of course haha) 
to pick up some blooms for a styling.
That charming French writing and buckets of peonies definitely caught my eye
and of course, those barely blushing beauties were quite fitting for bringing to our Paris home for a few days.

Paris Perfect supplied a guide for restaurant, taking the Metro (subway) information, 
must stops for tourist spots, the closest local markets for produce, 
a fridge with fresh juice and milk
and a welcoming gift of the most delicious French wine and crackers.
Along with power adapters should you forget to pack one
and local support for anything you may need- they are just a phone call away.
They actually give you a whole book of information along with a house full of everything you need to relax and enjoy your visit.

Our favorite parts about staying in this apartment were the view and the convenience factors.
The kitchen and ability to cook- and the washer/dryer right in the bathroom.
The apartment was stocked with soaps, pots and pans, laundry detergent- even spices for cooking. 
We enjoyed local cuisine and the cafe experience- but also do enjoy being able to make coffee or cook a hearty breakfast before getting going for the day. 
And there were several local markets just down the street with lots of fresh produce
 and delicious local cheeses. We enjoyed the best gouda we have ever tasted from a local cheese shop.

And we were excited to be able to wash our 
clothes in the apartment as needed before moving to our next stop. 

The apartment was also filled with charming antiques and rooms full of cozy- 
including a sitting room and small bathroom that was big on charm 

but my favorite rooms were the bedroom with that dream balcony and view of course.

We sat mostly outdoors on the bistro set when it was not raining
and enjoyed the sights and sounds.

And of course, loved saying goodnight to Paris each night
with this twinkling view.

If you would like to learn more about staying in the Champagne Apartment -
you can see all the info about the apartment, neighborhood and how to book
HERE AND they are having a 50% off sale from May to June bookings right now- 
I highly recommend booking a stay if you are traveling to Paris- you will not be disappointed! 
They also have several other properties that look absolutely charming as well. 

Here is a quick video from Instagram that I shared of the view

And stay tuned for much much more coming your way about Paris, 
and our stay in this charming apartment as well as 
more about what I saw & learned and travel, packing and more tips.

Happy Monday everyone.

Disclosure: I partnered with Paris Perfect to share my stay with you- but all opinions and love of Paris and the incredible Paris Perfect experience is my own.


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  6. Looks absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your French experience with us. I think there might be another book in the works😉

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