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4 ways to add French farmhouse charm to your kitchen

There is just something about a French farmhouse kitchen.

Maybe it is that the kitchen is French or Farmhouse or in a French farmhouse that makes it absolutely charming. But you don't have to live in Europe or even in a vintage farmhouse to have that same feeling in your own home.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to get that look and feel.

Kitchen Island

Whether you use something like a drapers table, an old farmhouse table or even a big butcher block chunky topped stand- your kitchen island can be that statement piece in your kitchen. The best part- it can be a new but made to look old piece- or an antique that you transform into something else.

We used a reproduction drapery table and added marble for our island- but you can find an antique and do the same. Or use a pastry table with a graceful metal base.

Copper Pots and Pans

Copper is one of those things that I think you can keep adding to and adding to and your collection only gets better.  That warm patina, the subtle sheen and elegance that copper adds is like no other and it adds a quintessential charm to the kitchen.

Cutting Boards... on repeat

I might have a cutting board obsession. I might have more than a 5 and almost a dozen vintage and vintage style cutting boards. I am okay with it. Stacked up next to the range, on the wall, leaning under the cupboards, layered and layered away- those cutting boards aren't just pretty faces. They also do double duty as serving pieces for cheese boards and desserts.


Whether you do countertops, backsplashes or just a few touches- marble is a material that instantly adds character to your kitchen.

We used a Danby marble on our counters and islands- it is a marble that is more resistant to staining- and has been wonderful. But if countertops don't fit into your home- you can bring in a marble serving platter for a bit of that old world charm.

These are some of my favorite ways to add that French Farmhouse style charm to the kitchen- but there are so many ways to get the look. I will share more ideas for incorporating that style and a few changes in our kitchen soon.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. And, of course, flowers. Always flowers! Such a beautiful kitchen!

  2. I love your island. Using a table in my small kitchen would not be practical as I need the cupboard space underneath. But I love copper and have incorporated both old and new into my decor. Regarding cutting boards, I have a few I’ve picked up in antique shops that I use for show. Somehow I’m afraid to use them. Do you have any reservations about using a second hand board or any specific method of cleaning/sanitizing prior to use?

  3. Oh my gosh this was a great post here. I love your kitchen. So beautiful. I love the cabinets and the marble and your backsplash. Did you use marble for the walls also? Are they marble tiles? Wow you are amazing.

  4. Beautiful, but what is a 'drapery' table? I can see what you used but when I googled it, I saw only drapes!

    1. I believe it means they are a working table like for sewing. If you google 'French Drapery Table' or 'French Drapers Table' it should pop up. :)

  5. Your kitchen has always been my dream! And, it just keeps getting even more beautiful with each change you make. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Courtney, I love how comfortable your kitchen looks now with the drapery table, all the pretty copper and your beautiful La Cornue range... What's for dinner? ;)

    Happy summer to you,
    Barb :)

  7. Perfection...especially draped in all those flowers.

  8. I love your kitchen! Your island is my favorite, it looks old although you said it's a reproduction table. May I ask where it's from?

  9. Your kitchen is magnificent! I love it all! That blue stove....!!

  10. Love the ideas, Courtney. I only wish the layout of my kitchen would allow for an island because I would far prefer that. Oh well! I'm with you on the copper all the way. Can't EVER have too much copper :-)