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NEW French Country Cottage Everyday Elegance Linens

While I was in Europe being mesmerized by the elegance, the charm and the ambiance...

I was also working on something back home. 

A French Country Cottage Everyday Elegance Collection.

I have been working on designing, curating and collecting things 
that I think you would love as much as I do.
And today- I am excited to share the first curated collection

French Country Cottage Everyday Elegance Linens.

These linens have been in my house for several months now.
I have been using them, washing them, enjoying them and loving them.

I didn't want to put my name on something and share them with you until 
I knew they were something that I really could stand behind.
And these linens are absolutely beautiful.

My quest for the perfect chair slipcover kind of started years ago (2012-ish) 
If you have been reading my blog for awhile - 
you might remember the slipcovers that I sewed out of drop cloth 

Yes, this was from the day of iphone photos -and I mean the old not so great camera iphones... 
And... in addition to drop cloth creations like slips, curtains and tablecloths-
I also sewed quite a few things out of burlap. 

My oldest son teases me to this day about my burlap creations. 
He thinks I blog about burlap all the time even now because...
well, remember this tablecloth? 

You know what that is right there?
It is pretty much proof that there was a time when


My fingers hurt to this day from all that scratchiness while sewing all.those.ruffles.

Back to those drop cloth slipcovers- I know that   there were others out there available for purchase- 
but they were not quite the long, simple, loose ruffle look I was after
they were a bit of a chunk of change.

So,  that is why I sat down one day and sewed away.
I have actually sewn quite a few creations that are simmering on the back burner quietly-but truth be told- I am not a great seamstress. 
I am OK. 
I can get the job done- but that is about it.
I needed to find someone who was amazing at sewing and had the ability to create
those dreamy ideas...

So when I found these delicious linen slipcovers that looked pretty much exactly like that drop cloth version I made years ago... well, I jumped on them.

These linen slipcovers are pretty perfect for my style. 
Simple everyday elegance without being too sugar sweet 
and they are at home in a formal or informal setting.

They come in 2 sizes to fit your chairs- and are washable- which means they are easy upkeep.

I also included a simple linen runner 

When it comes to table linens- it is either a bare tabletop or a linen that is simple and not busy. This runner fits that look perfectly and allows the rustic charm of the table to speak also.

And linen napkins -because- hello. Linen napkins. Can you ever have too many? I have several styles and sizes of linen napkins and have found my favorite colors to be the softly colored neutrals.

These linens are available for a short time and in limited quantities for the moment.
I do hope to bring them back once these are gone and also add to the collection with other colors and styles at some point- so let me know what you would love to see.

And something else that is coming your way very soon- these place settings. I have already had a lot of questions about them and where to purchase them. Stay tuned!!

You can see more about these linens and also order in my shop HERE 

Sales will be open for 10 days or until sold out.

So excited to be able to share these with you finally - I hope you enjoy!
Here are the direct links:

Table runner

Chair slips 


Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Are you also selling your beautiful table runner? I don't see where I can purchase that on your website. Thank you!

    1. Hi there! YES! Here it is:

  2. Would these work on bentwood chairs where the seat is about 15.75" diameter? Does the seat need to have a cushion underneath or can it be just wood as in my new to me bentwood chairs?

    1. Hi there! I will check- I have a couple of vintage bentwood chairs. The chairs these are shown on do have a cushioned seat- though I would imagine if you don't mind the seat without a cushion- these would be lovely on those chairs as well.

  3. I love the chair covers and have also been looking for just the right ones. The problem is my chairs can't have the ruffle on the back -maybe you could consider this in the future .
    Thanks, Denise

  4. Congratulations!! love the chair covers, see that you have sold out on the runners and napkins good for you!! they are all beautiful

  5. I actually LOVE the burlap tablecloth!! The linen items are nice too, but perhaps you can bring back the burlap tablecloth! ; )

  6. Looks like everything is sold out already. Very lovely items.

  7. These are lovely! I wanted to share an interesting thing I learned at a Flea Style Summit. A woman in Dallas was helping refugees get settled - sort of like a boots on the ground friend - and was asked for thread. Many immigrant women come from cultures that sew. Sew well. And a lot. This woman started a non-profit to have these women start making cloth napkins. So as any of us look to start businesses that produce fabric items, look to the local immigrant community - there is a wealth of talent available and you can help a family.

    Hugs to all!

  8. Courtney we need more of those wonderful chair covers, but maybe in a creamy white. LOVE.....

  9. OMG! this is my favorite one of yours. I love my muslin curtains - the way the sunlight falls through it, the naturalness of it. It's just like yours here. This is your best! in my opinion. AND, I have made stuff similar to yours and I love the simplicity and feeling of it. This is by far my favorite post of yours. Thank You!