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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view

This week- it is all about blooms, vintage treasures and a lovely couple of days playing at the most charming farmhouse in the middle of a vineyard. 

Flower Market Stop

It is always a good day when you stop at the flower market for buckets of blooms.
This time, I had an order to pick up from my favorite greens source- Pacific Coast Evergreen - and I needed some specific blooms for a fun photo shoot I was working on at a farmhouse.

I was beyond excited to find some of the most lovely peonies and dahlias at the market- along with some of my other favorite go to blooms like ranunculus and larkspur. 

Vintage Cane Chairs

Have I mentioned I have a chair obsession? I do. A big one. 
One that involves little single chairs and stacks of chairs around a big farmhouse table.

 I found these cuties on craigslist- and they were just down the road and around the corner from the flower market- and even better? We were in the truck - so they went right in the back and we were on our merry way to THE most delightful little spot in central California.

A farmhouse in the wine country

Is there anything better than a century old farmhouse nestled in the middle of 50 acres of vineyards? 

We stayed at the most incredible plaec in the Paso Robles wine country
The farmhouse at Hammersky Vineyards - beyond enchanting.
Just outside the windows we were surrounded by rolling vineyards which this time of year are lush and green.

I do a lot of freelance photography and styling work on location 
and the locations are always charming and lovely-
 but Hammersky... seriously BEYOND beautiful.
Pretty much a dream spot- an old farmhouse in a vineyard.

Something fun: 
My husband has been joining me on shoots more and more often over the past couple of years-which has been super helpful. He does all the load and unload in the truck,  moves furniture and helps me with set up all around for the shoot - as well as doing all the running when we need something- like another extra large cup of coffee to get moving or the extra memory card someone left on the table at home... oops. 
We had a lofty shoot list while there and so-  we worked late until it was too dark
 to see what we were doing and then
Dinner at 10 pm
 was all the photo shoot food props.
Fresh bread, crackers and cheese- yes, we have been keeping that French way 
of eating going over here.

 And the view all day long... It took my breath away. So in love. I will be doing a whole post including a few videos of the farmhouse and barn coming up- and so excited to be heading back for another fun shoot soon.

This weekend,  we are back home and have been knee deep in boxes and painting.
Coming your way- travel diaries continue: 
Avignon, France & more about Paris 
as well as my packing tips for taking just a carryon for 2 weeks in Europe
and where we saved on the cost of the trip.

Also a few fun 4th of July party and decorating ideas
and more about those cute little cane chairs and settee and where they end up
and all about Hammersky Vineyards and that delightful farmhouse.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. This building looks so exciting can't wait to get inside. Also, can't wait to see what you will do with the chairs. I know what you will do with the flowers,fabulous arrangements and a perfect setting for a dream world.

  2. Wow what an amazing farmhouse, you've really sparked my curiosity, I want to see more!
    Great post as always!!😍

  3. Another wonderful post. I am really looking forward to your post on how you spent 2 weeks in Europe with only a carryon. I am going to Paris for my 70ths birthday for 9 days and am having a difficult time deciding what to pack. I am going in September so I need to bring warmer clothes. I have never been out of the US and I hope your post will give me some suggestions. Victoria XX

  4. Funny, I have an antique booth in Fairhope, AL and I also love chairs! I’m always in search of new finishes, paint techniques, etc. I can’t wait to see what you do with those chairs!

  5. What a dreamy trip! Looking forward to more on the farmhouse and vineyard. Also, I too used only a carry on for 2 weeks in Italy. It can be done!