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Simple Bathroom refresh ideas for summer

Can you believe it is almost August?

I am seriously wondering where in the world the time has gone this year.
Between working on projects and hosting a family get together last weekend- the summer has been zooming by.

And then this week... a bat decided to show up in the house at 3am in the bedroom.
I mean I knew we were having company come this week for the party- but I wasn't planning on any bats.

We have not had a bat in the house since the week we moved in- and that was when we discovered that nothing was sealed up properly. So, we retrofit and thought everything was sealed up good enough- which it has been for quite a few years- but apparently not anymore.

I thought it left through an open door- but decided to watch the security camera in the living room and there it was.. just flying out of the rafters like it was an everyday thing last night.
I am hoping my friend who deals with bats and wildlife can find it hiding somewhere and remove it- and really hoping it is a healthy bat and not one I have to worry about.
And today, I am sharing one of your favorites from last year - one that involves a whole lot of pretty and several simple and easy ideas for a refresh- like baskets, a vintage rug and my number 2 tip:
Use fresh white towels to instantly make the bathroom feel fresh and updated- and buy them by the dozen.

And what do you think my number 1 tip is?

Click on over to see more - and happy Wednesday everyone!!


  1. So beautiful, as always! But I can't get past the bat! I'd have to move out until it was found! Good luck brave woman!