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Keeping your yard beautiful the easy way with Greenworks

This year something amazing happened to our lawn and garden.

Greenhouse and cottage garden at French Country Cottage

It is the last week of August... and the lawn is pretty green yet. The wildflower garden? Blooming away with new buds on the flowers even now.

I know this might not be a big thing in some parts of the country- so I might sound a bit crazy.
 But here in California-  we are usually long dried out and arguing with the lawns to keep them even a hint of green by mid-July.  The wildflower garden by the greenhouse starts to look a little more like a dried wildflower garden- and water restrictions and fire season have been well underway.
But the weather has been wacky this year- in a good way.
It has been far cooler until recently and that 15- 20 minutes of watering the lawn has been enough.  And the wildflower garden is blooming beautifully yet too.

With all that  green and growing- we have also been doing more mowing and trimming this year. After the devastating  fires in northern and southern California last summer- there has been a big focus on curating, cleaning up and clearing property to help keep our homes safe.

And so those several acres that we maintain usually - has been extended to maintaining the areas near the dirt roads by our home, the fire roads for better access to the country area we live in and creating a clean defensible space around the house. It has been a neighborhood effort for sure- with everyone chipping in and helping.

I have been chatting about Greenworks and their tools here for a few months now and have had a lot of questions about them- and today I thought I would share a little more.
I love that all the tools all use the same battery and the same charger- which means much less battery charger clutter around the house.


Probably at least half of our acreage is natural.  Trees or meadow and orchard areas. That love to get overgrown and are far away from the house but do need to be maintained.


 Did you see this video of blowing away all that construction dust from that project we have been working on?

This is also perfect for blowing leaves off the patio, cut grass off the path - and for using anywhere you want to get a nice clean area.


As I mentioned- we have several acres. And with that means several acres to mow.  I mentioned before that we are not fans of gas powered tools- and so, electric has been the only other option- until recently.

This. Mower.  No more dragging an extension cord while you mow.

Bonus is that we can literally mow at 6am before the heat of the day- it is that quiet.

Power Washer

My husband went to Lowe's for a few supplies for a painting project a couple months ago- and came home with this power washer. I have to say, I never thought I would say this... but...
I LOVE this power washer.

All those years we spent spraying the patio or house off when it was covered in pollen. Or cleaning I could have been using this bad boy and getting it done in 1/4 of the time- with 1/4 of the water usage.


This is the latest addition

An 8-inch blade curb wheel
It has a high-efficiency brushless motor engineered to provide more power, torque, quiet operation and with a longer motor life
It is compatible with all Greenworks 60V batteries-
4-year limited tool warranty, 2-year battery warranty
Batteries and Charger sold separately- so if you already have a few Greenworks tools and don't need a battery- you can buy just the tool to add to your yard beautifying arsenal.

See more details and find all things Greenworks at Lowe's Here 

And Greenworks is now the Official Outdoor Power Equipment Sponsor of Earth Day- which is pretty.darn.amazing.
Read more about that here. 

Happy summer and fall gardening all.

See you tomorrow for a fun apple recipe.

*This post is sponsored by Greenworks - but all opinions and love of Greenworks tools are our own.


  1. Thanks Cortney for the additional info on other items from Greenworks!

  2. Do you mean watering 15-20 minutes twice a week. My Colorado garden would look really fabulous watering 15 minutes twice a day. 😂

    1. Yes! haha! Typo- twice a day for our acreage would be wonderful too! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing, love your post!