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How to create a simple gathered goodness bouquet for autumn

Last week, I shared a peek at the living room starting to get just a sprinkle of autumn decor.

With a warm blush throw, acorns and simple wheat- there were no pumpkins just yet. But there was a gathered bouquet on the fireplace mantel.  One with branches and cherries and a few blooms tucked in.
And today, I thought I would share where that bouquet started out (just one thing)  and how it came together.

It is SO easy.
And if you have trees or foliage and blooms in your yard that you can trim- it is basically free.
I am all about simple for autumn this year.
From a few little baby boos in the kitchen to a few white and gray pumpkins on the porch. In between several renovation jobs we are working on (and hitting snags with) and several working ahead jobs on the calendar- I am spinning in circles like the Tasmanian Devil and basically creating a whole lot of dust where ever I go.

Which means- I need simple. Easy. Five minutes and done. Or it is probably not happening for a bit.

So when I walked in the living room to decorate for autumn in August- with no pumpkins to be found yet- I decided to take a different approach to autumn this year. I grabbed my clippers and went outside and wandered a bit.

I wanted to create a simple bouquet for the mantel or table. One that was full of seasonal goodness- but that I didn't have to jump in the car and head to the store to buy a bunch of things for.

This started out with a few branches. I believe they are cherry tree branches- but to be honest- I have no idea if they are ornamental or legit you can nibble on them cherries- so they stay on the branches and look pretty.

In August they were heavy with fruit- so I clipped about 6 low hanging branches that were dotted with pretty little cherries and called it good.

Here is where we started- just a handful of cherry branches.

Which I loved. Simple and charming for autumn with a pop of color and wispy not heavy look.

But... you know me. I wanted to bring in a bit of oomph.
I had white roses and dried eucalyptus in the house and the garden- and they were perfect additions.

You can tuck 6 or 7 into those branches to create a more full bouquet and call it good- 
or add a few filler greens if you are looking for something more substantial.

One of the neat things about autumn bouquets are that you can use dried greens and blooms and they perfect right alongside the fresh clippings, pumpkins and branches.
So either way- this bouquet was a winner.
And it was so simple to create- and it was basically free.

When it comes to autumn decorating- simple is on repeat over here- stay tuned for more simple stylings coming your way in the next couple weeks 

Which way do you prefer this arrangement? 
Just branches or with blooms added?

Happy Monday all.


  1. It is a beautiful arrangement either way but....I think I like the added blooms best.

  2. The first, a warm organic arrangement. On the second rendition with roses, I would have probably used dahlias and/or mums. I tend to like the colors of fall in general; golds and oranges and greens and aubergine/plums. The colors remind me of old Masters, rich and moody.