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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This week it is all about autumn and projects, a field photo shoot and some fun stuff coming your way.

Golden Fields

Another thing that California is known for-those beautiful golden summer and autumn fields.
A fun project that I was working on for print that required a golden field for a backdrop of a shoot- and so- this one on the way back from visiting my daughter in Tahoe was it.

I was pretty ridiculously happy to be working in such a beautiful spot & with that beautiful golden sunset through the trees.

The Doors

Oh yes, the work on the doors continues. We are updating almost all of the french doors- we are keeping the one antique pair we have.  And that dutch door has another set of hardware that is going in when it arrives. Not sure when-  it was in stock when I ordered but now has been on backorder for several weeks.

We are debating whether we want to paint the inside of the doors or leave them a bleached wood look. I am leaning towards the bleached raw wood- but will keep you posted.

Beautiful blooms

Those beautiful blooms and that dusty pink velvet-  serious love.

This is a bouquet that is so simple and so beautiful- I love it so much- and I think pink velvet is definitely having a moment in design. I have seen it popping up so many places and it is absolute perfection.

Pumpkins on repeat

Because... it is pumpkin season folks.

This pile of pumpkins is about the extent of what I have brought home this year- just a few whites and grays and a couple oranges and browns. Feeling much more simple for autumn- as well as colorful. This golden leaf tree is a beautiful addition - not too bold not too plain- it is a perfect autumn color for mixing in with neutral autumn. You can find it here.

Coming your way:

A simple autumn table- including a behind the scenes 'oops'
A new look & autumn styling for the fire pit area
Another gathered flower arrangement that is so easy to put together
and a seasonal styling for the mantel.

Happy weekend all.


  1. Loved the aspen tree but couldn't link up.

    1. Not sure what happened but here it is ~

  2. Love your photo shoot "Golden Fields." Absolutely stunning!