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Christmas Decorating Ideas- Simple Christmas tree decor

Oh those twinkling Christmas trees... how I love them.

And sometimes- just the twinkle is all that a tree needs for the season.
Today, I am sharing a couple of tips for decorating with an
 'undecorated' or lightly decorated  Christmas tree.

I noticed something a few years back.
I would start putting up a tree 
and each section would light up as it went together
and those twinkling lights were so beautiful...
that sometimes I would pause and leave the tree like that for a bit.

I loved it. Nothing but twinkle lights and a pretty tree.
But there was always that voice that said- 
'eh, but it isn't really decorated yet'
(It might have been my husband's voice. haha. )

So I would start to add a few baubles.
Then a few more.
And keep them somewhat monochromatic  many times.
But... even so, I would stop short of completely covering the tree with decorations.

I love the look of the ribbons and picks -
 but I also love the look of simple.
It has been a bit of an inner battle on occasion- 
some of the trees over the years have gotten more added.
While some were just lightly decorated and were exactly
 what I was looking for.  I guess it kind of depends on the mood- but I do seem to often crave that simplicity along with the elegance and so to find that balance sometimes means monochromatic looks- shades of whites or golds for example
and sometimes it means less is more.
And this year- simple won in the office.
This holiday season has been full of flurry and busy with projects
and things behind the scenes that I have been working on- 
and in that hustle and bustle, 
I have noticed that I  been craving simplicity more than ever. 
And so, while decorating the bedroom tree- I stopped at just a few dozen white baubles
with a handful of vintage pink added for a touch of warmth.

And I love how it turned out.
Simple. Quiet. Elegant. And just enough Christmas to feel festive but not too busy in the room.

And while setting up a smaller cedar tree in the office
I started with the same favorite white ornaments
and then paused.

This cedar tree is probably one of my favorite trees this year.
Maybe it is because I am allergic to real cedar and could not have one in the house without paying for it sniffling & sneezing my way through the holiday season.
But maybe also because this tree is so realistic and so simple and elegant 
just by itself.
I love the branches, the detail and the size.
And the fairy LED twinkle lights are perfect.

So a few tips for leaving your tree undecorated but keeping it feeling festive?

#1. Twinkle lights are your friend

The more the merrier when it comes to those twinkles.
And if you think about it- much of what we love about that tree in a room
is the twinkling away.

Warm and welcoming twinkles are perfect for making a simple tree feel extravagant.
For those asking- this is a similar  French style chandelier
to this one in my office which so many of you have asked about.

#2. Add a pretty skirt

A pretty tree skirt or under covering can make all the difference in feeling like you just brought a tree inside and one that is finished simply. Try something different if you don't want a traditional skirt.
This is a blue velvet throw used as a tree skirt - and the best thing about this is that you can use the throw all year long in other ways too. You can find a similar here

#3. Decorate the rest of the room

Just because your tree doesn't have oodles of ornaments- 
doesn't mean that you can't add more to rest of the room.

Here are some ideas:
Add a fresh or faux garland to the mantel
Add a few baubles in a bowl or a box of baubles by the tree base
Bring out the tinsel garland for a bit of glam on the mantel
Or baubles and garland on the mirror 
Add a wreath- even an undecorated one is perfect.

This was one of my favorite looks on the patio from several years ago.
This chunky Balsam Fir tree with nothing but twinkles.
It feels festive and serene at the same time.

#4. Know that simple can be perfect 

So yes, my office tree this year is simple.
Just a twinkling cedar that lights up the room as you walk by.
It doesn't need any baubles or garlands or ribbons or anything else to be perfect for what I love this year.

And that is the key- find the balance and look that makes you smile- and it is perfect.

Happy Simple Christmas decorating everyone.


  1. This is so lovely. You take the most wonderful photos :).

  2. Oh this fills me with such festive envy. It's my first Christmas in a new flat but I stupidly got a kitten! NOT a great mix with Christmas trees!

    1. But you will have your new little furry friend long after the decorations have been put away. Enjoy for years to come.

  3. simplicity can, indeed, be elegant.